Week 48 – A modest loss

It’s weigh-in day!

Today I tipped the scale at 234.0 pounds. That is a 0.4 pound loss for the week. My total weight loss is now an even, 111.0 pound, or 32.2% of my original weight.

For the month of January I lost 8.8 pounds, and updated my monthly weight loss bar graph on my progress page.

This past week I was very diligent on my measuring and tracking. And, with the exception of Sedentary Saturday, I hit the gym hard as well as keeping up on my challenges (update is below). If anything held me back from losing more it would probably be the homemade pizza that my wife made for my birthday, and the 3 (small) pieces of cake I had over the course of the weekend and early week. All that is behind me now, and I still lost weight for the week, so I have no complaint.

The Daytona 500km Challenge

After today there are 23 days left in this challenge. To date I have walked 392.6km, which leaves 107.4 to go. I have a short trip coming up next weekend, which might make me miss one day of walking, but I am confident that I’ll still make the goal.Here is my recent chart

daytonaThe extra 1,000 Step Challenge

Fellow blogger Rachael, has challenged her readers to walk an additional 1,000 steps per day. Here is my latest chart for that challenge

stepsNone of the walking I do for the Daytona 500 challenge counts towards this challenge. When I started, my goal was 5,000 steps per day. Further, I set a goal to have not more than 3 days where I missed the mark. I’ve already used those up, so now I have to stay on top of things for the remaining days of the challenge. It is a 31 day challenge, and ends on February 12.

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