It’s all about Physics…

My wife is suffering from a bit of a cold. Nothing too bad, but she has a work trip coming and wanted to take a day to lay low. As a result, our Saturday looked to be very unstructured. Last Saturday had a similar tone for me, and became what I have lovingly referred to as Sedentary Saturday.

This morning I slept in until about 8:30, then got myself up and to the gym for my typical 6km walk. Afterwards I did some writing and some reading, but not much else. We have plans to visit with friends this evening, and with my wife not feeling well, I didn’t want to tackle any of our house projects.

As the afternoon wore on I found myself becoming increasingly antsy. I mentioned it to my wife, who said that she’d noticed it too. I made the decision to go out and take a walk around the block, to help with my 1,000 step challenge. As I was getting my coat my wife said “It’s all about Physics”.

I stopped and asked her what she meant, and she explained that I have become a body in motion, and a body in motion wants to stay in motion. As I set out for my walk, those words were in my mind.

I ended up walking a good mile around the neighborhood. Earlier today it was sunny, but there is a winter storm coming overnight tonight, and things have become more cloudy. The temperature was hovering around freezing.

As I was walking I was struck by how different things are for me today. A year ago it would probably have taken a fairly large sum of money to get me to go out for a walk, alone, on a cold Saturday afternoon. Today I went because I needed to. I don’t just mean that I needed it for my steps, those could have come later. I actually needed the activity.

My wife is right (as usual), I have become a body in motion. And I intend to stay that body in motion.

Here is a mini challenge to all of you. Get up! Right now! Go do something with some physical activity that you normally wouldn’t do. Join me in becoming a body in motion. After all, it’s all about Physics

One comment

  1. You are so right. I think it is the only thing that kept me going swimming everyday. Physics of it all. I just needed that exercise. I also find swimming a great stress buster.


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