Week 52 Weigh-in. I DID IT!

Back in October I was out on a walk. I was thinking about my weight loss goals, and looking to put some timing on things. As I was considering it, I thought “wouldn’t it be cool to weigh 228 on 2/28?” At the time I was about 255, and my running average for weight loss was almost 3 pounds a week, so I didn’t think much more about it. Of course, I did know that weight would start coming off much more slowly, and I was right. But, I put that goal in my mind.

December came along, and I actually gained weight for the month. When I started the year, it didn’t look like I would make it to 228 by 2/28. Then last week, with just one week to go, I gained weight again and it wasn’t looking so hopeful, considering I had 3.6 pounds to go to make it.

This past week I was very diligent. I missed a couple of workouts due to my cold, but I stayed on points all week. I tracked honestly and accurately. This morning I worked out, came home, stood on the scale, and it said 227.8 pounds! I made it. Tomorrow is actually 2/28, but my weigh-in is today, and today I came in under 228. I was stunned. I stepped on and off the scale 3 times to make sure I was reading it right, and it didn’t change. I showered, dried off, and stepped on and off two more times. The final answer… 227.8!

My total weight loss is now 117.2 pounds, and I am at 34% lost of my original weight. I officially weigh 1/3 less than I did one year ago. My BMI is down to 30.89 (from a starting point of 46.79). I did some quick checking, and I am only 6.8 pounds away from no longer being obese! Now THAT will be a milestone!

For the week ahead there are no particular challenges from an eating perspective. We are going to a party on Saturday, but I have become good at managing my way through those, so nothing to worry about.

The keen observer will note that this is week 52, or 1 year since I started. I actually started on March 1, and I plan to write more extensively about the fact that it has been a year, on Sunday. Stay tuned for that post.

My next two milestones are to be below 221.2, so I am no longer obese; and then to get to 218. When I lost weight in 2000-2001, the lowest I reached was 218. Those two goals are close to each other, and not that far off. I might set my sites on being at both by the end of March.

How are you doing with your goals? What is driving you?


  1. Bobby, I am so proud of you and happy for you!

    You inspire me every single day. Seriously!

    Last week, you stopped by my blog and commented on the post in which I’d written that I felt endlessly stuck in the 270s. You said that you felt stuck in the 230s, too, so maybe this would be our week.

    Well, Bobby, you gave us both some good ju-ju! 227.8 for you, and 267 on the nose for me!

    WOO HOO!

    We did it! ❤

    Congratulations on what you've managed to accomplish in one year's time. When my one year mark rolls around in September, I can only hope to have achieved a fraction of the success that you have.

    Keep up the great work!


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