25 Things to do instead of snacking

This year for Lent I set a goal to give up between meal snacking. Since then I have modified to to just eliminate non-fruit or raw vegetable snacking. Sometimes, especially after some exercise, my body is craving something to refuel. Other times, though, it is just about boredom or habit that I want to snack. The truth is, it’s hard for me to avoid mindless snacking.

A while back I suggested to a friend that she write a list of things to do instead of snacking. My suggestion was to put a copy of the list on the refrigerator or pantry where she stores her snacks. The idea is to see the list, and do something on the list rather than eating.

I decided today to take my own advice, so here is the list I wrote for myself of 25 things to do instead of snacking.

  1. Read something enriching
  2. Read something fun
  3. Do 10 Push-ups
  4. Do 10 Sit-ups
  5. Take a brisk 10 minute walk
  6. Drink at least 16 ounces of water
  7. Brush your teeth
  8. Write an email or text to say hello to a friend
  9. Hand write a card to someone to say a special hello or thank you
  10. Play a short game on your phone or tablet
  11. Phone a friend – for strength, or just to say hello
  12. Pray
  13. Clean or organize something
  14. Make a goofy list
  15. Drink some tea or coffee
  16. Sit quietly for 5 minutes and reflect
  17. Knit, crochet, edit a photo or do something else related to a hobby (Inspired by Mrs. Bobby-C)
  18. Start a load of laundry
  19. Fold a load of laundry
  20. Walk up and down the stairs 5 times
  21. Go out and do a neglected errand
  22. Find and read an inspirational blog
  23. Pull up your list of goals, and re-read it
  24. Write an entry in your journal or on your own blog
  25. Add to your list of things to do instead of snacking

What items would you add to my list, or put on a list of your own?

One comment

  1. I’ve been getting tea. I like to work late. That is when I mostly mindlessly snack. So now I keep myself a warm Kettle of water and drink green tea with lemon. Quite liking it actually.

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