Week 54 Weigh-in – Continuing the recent roller coaster ride

One of the things I am looking forward to this summer is a trip to Cedar Point. For those of you who don’t know, Cedar Point is one of the premier amusement parks in the Eastern half of the US – some would say the world. It features many roller coasters and other fun attractions. I last went there a few years ago, and it was an unpleasant experience because I couldn’t fit in any of the seats of the roller coaster. This year will be different.

Over the past 5 weeks I have been on a roller coaster of my own when it comes to my Journey toward better health. Today I weighed-in at 226.4 pounds. That is a 3.6 pound loss from last week. My total weight loss is now at 118.6, or 34.4% of my original body weight. Here are my results over the past 5 weeks:

last 5

The net of those weigh-ins is a 6.0 pound loss. That works out to a 1.2 pound loss per week. I will gladly take that long term average, I would just prefer not to be on the roller coaster both on the scale and emotionally. I know I shouldn’t let it, but when I have a weekly weigh-in that is up from the previous week, it bothers me. In some ways my reaction is good, because it makes me redouble my efforts. But I spend far too much time beating myself up about the result. I know, intellectually, that I am on a long journey and that one weekly weigh-in isn’t that important. And, I know that I am doing all the right things for my health: I watch what I eat, I exercise, I drink plenty of water, and so on.

This morning I am feeling very good about things. I know that I have to work on my own reactions to my results. So, that is my goal for the week, to be less obsessive about single-week results.

On another front, here is how I am doing on my 28 day boost through yesterday:


I have been to the gym for a 45 minute work out today. I didn’t show it on this chart because I do intend to go back for another. That is what I did yesterday, I bookended my work day with two 45 minute work outs. I liked how I felt all day at work, and how I felt in the evening. I am not really a fan of after-work trips to the gym (more on that in another post), but I am a fan of the results.

As for my other goals, I have written and published a blog post every day, and I have logged everything I have eaten and drank since Monday. Two more checks there!

How are you doing this week?


    1. Thank you, Annie. I keep all kinds of charts and graphs for myself. Yes, it is a key part of my accountability, and it also lets me see my progress. I have a Progress Chart tab on my page that shows my weight loss progress since March 1, 2014


  1. I too like how you chart your progress. Should try it sometime. Great work so far. I am beginning to agree with you about long term goals rather than weekly numbers. Have a great weekend!

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          1. Good for you! I remember jumping into the first car with my father when he was nearly 50. He had never been on it before and as we started down that first hill, he yelled, “Holy S…..!” My dad rarely swears. Such a surprise, I laughed till I cried! Have fun, Bobby C! šŸ™‚


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