Week 55 Weigh-in – The ride continues

Last week I talked about the roller coaster ride that has been my weight over the last few weeks. This week the ride continued. I weighed-in today at 228.6 pounds, that is a 2.2 pound gain from last week.

I have to admit, it is discouraging. I guess if the pattern holds, then I will be down about 3 pounds next week. Not to worry, though, I am not giving up, and I am not changing what I am doing. I have seen too many people hit a plateau like this and start making changes to their approach. Not me. I am going to say the course, keep doing what I am doing, and know that eventually the weight will come off. In the meantime I am going to remember:

  • That I am down 116 pounds
  • I am more active than I have been in my adult life
  • My confidence is soaring because of how great I feel

I will lose the remaining weight to get to my goal, that I know. If it takes a long time to do it, then so be it.


  1. This is reassuring to know. For me of course. I know how disheartening these weigh-ins can be but I’ve been told that the fitter the body gets the harder it becomes to lose the weight. I’m noticing that myself. I don’t lose weight every week. But I’m active healthier and more determined than I have ever been.

    Have you read/ researched about how to combat plateaus? I haven’t reached that stage yet. I like your determination to stay the path but have you considered you might have to change what you are doing if you don’t get the results you want?


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