A pleasant find while doing some spring cleaning

This weekend my wife and I decided to start the spring cleaning process. Our first stop is our laundry room, which is also the indoor storage room for our house. We were ruthlessly going through totes of items that had been saved for another day. We didn’t complete the whole job, but we made a lot of progress.

As we were opening and sorting totes, I discovered two that were full of clothes of mine. There were sweaters, sweat pants, T Shirts, casual shorts, some socks and other miscellany. When I opened the totes I recognized the contents. They were all things that I had stored away because they no longer fit. I had gotten too big for them.

My immediate reaction was one of excitement. Perhaps I had just hit on a treasure trove of forgotten clothes. That was soon replaced with all out joy as I realized that the majority of the clothes that were once stored away because they were too small, were now… TOO BIG.

On this weight loss journey I have blown past the boxes of clothes that I had saved in hopes of one day being small enough to fit in them. Now I swim in them.

I would say about 10% of the items were either my present size, or were things I don’t mind wearing a bit bulky – like sweatshirts. The rest were bagged and put in the back of my truck for donation today.

Talk about your NSVs!


  1. Awesome! I feel bad about losing clothes because of all the money spent, but I am learning that donations for such NSV are rewarding in themselves!


    1. I am with you on the money spent portion of the equation. And with the clothes that were bought in the last year before I started losing weight, there was definite remorse. But these clothes have been in storage for a good 8 years, not so much of a sting.

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