Make mine double cheese with extra pepperoni!

While we’re at it, how about one of those pizzas that is wrapped in like a football field of bacon?

Have I lost it? Has hunger made me go stark raving mad? Has the cheese slipped off my cracker? (mmmm…cheese)


Tonight I decided to make use of the 24/7 coaching from Weight Watchers to ask about my plateau. A very nice coach named Adrienne came on after a few seconds, and I described my weekly routine to her. I told her how much I eat, what I use for snacks (fruits and raw vegetables with occasional air-popped popcorn or an ounce of mixed nuts once in a while), and my workout routine. I told her where I was when I started, and where I am now.

She and I chatted for a few minutes and she discovered that I do not track my activity points. We did a quick calculation, and it turns out that in an average week I am earning about 56 activity points. Her first thought was that maybe I should eat some of my activity points. It was then that I told her I am usually under on my daily points by about 6 to 8 per day.

We talked more, and she is of the opinion that I am actually eating too little, and that my metabolism has slowed down. To get me started back losing weight, she wants me to ::GASP:: eat more!

As soon as I closed the chat window I called Papa John. I still had him on speed dial. He said he’d missed me, and that hanging out with Peyton Manning was a poor substitute for our once torrid relationship.

NO I DIDN’T! Fact it, I don’t even really like Papa John’s pizza, I am a Jets guy, but I digress.

She and I talked about how I can get myself up to the daily point level. I am going to add some to my morning routine, and add an extra slice of lunch meat on my sandwiches. Also, at dinner I will have a bit more of the healthy, lean protein, and I will mix in a little more air-popped popcorn.

I agreed to give this a try from now until my weigh-in next Friday. Wish me luck.

Before I reached out to Adrienne, I also did some research on other websites. One thing that popped out for me was the idea that my workouts are in a rut. I have been doing the same workout – 60 to 90 minutes on the treadmill at 3.8MPH – for several months. I think it is time to do something different. But, I don’t want to miss out on making my 150 miles for my boost. Yes, I know that commitment is mostly to myself, but trust me that it matters to me that I complete it.

What I am going to do, starting tomorrow, is substitute the last 15 to 20 minutes of my hour with work on the stationary bike. I will make up the miles with more walking outside or around inside my building. There is a natural break in my workout when an episode of 24 ends, so that will be when I switch to the bike.

I am interested to see what these two tweaks will do to my progress. I am hopeful that they will break me through the plateau, but if they don’t, I will just try something else.

This is not me abandoning my plan, and that is something I am adamant about. I am tweaking. I am making small changes to improve my results.

I’ll update you on the results as we go!


  1. So glad you spoke to me. Yes they do say that one needs to eat adequately. I was a bit shocked by the title.. You got me there.. πŸ™‚


        1. LOL! Even I was like whaaat? πŸ™‚ Looking forward to your update. I want to know about this science, because I have read about it too. Good luck!


  2. My WW leader is adamant that eating the full allotment of your dailies is a must, so I try my best to do that. I used to leave a lot of points untouched, but now if I’m under at all, it’s only by 2 or 3 points.

    I don’t use my activity points, and that’s because you have to use all 49 of your weeklies before you dip into the activity points, and I simply don’t eat that much. That’s too much extra eating when my daily allotment is 43pp. I can’t lose weight and burn through 43pp a day AND 49 weeklies AND 10-20 activity points. Too much! Ha!

    But I do use, on average (according to WW, at least) about 9 weeklies every week.

    Do you ever dip into your weeklies?


    1. I haven’t dipped into my weeklies in a long time, and when I did it wasn’t more than 5 or 6.

      Eating all my dailies will be different for me. I have been leaving a good bit out there. We will see how this goes! πŸ™‚

      Did you get the message I sent in your contact page?


    2. I just found out how to change my eTools to use my activity points first, then the weekly (Tracker>Settings). I’m hoping focusing on using that number will distract me from using the weekly which I often go over.


  3. YAY!!! Crossing my fingers eating more is the ticket! (I’ve told this to my mom before but your success could prove it!)


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