Something isn’t quite right

Yesterday I was driving home and I was engaged in a mental debate with myself. I had my gym bag, but I wasn’t feeling it for going to the gym. I drove home, took a nap, and did some reading. As the late afternoon wore on, I started getting down on myself about not going to the gym, and that’s when it hit me that something isn’t quite right in my approach. The truth is that I had already done a 61 minute workout in the morning before work. If I went after it would be a bonus to that original workout. Feeling bad about not doing a second hour of working out doesn’t make sense to me.

Last Friday I came to the realization that I have hit a plateau in my weight loss. I have done some reading on how to break through, and the sites I have seen all suggest basically the same thing, which is to reexamine whether my portions might be growing, or my activity slowing. The suggestion is to make a few tweaks and see what happens. I have looked hard at my activity level, and it hasn’t gone down. If anything, I have been MORE active in the last 6 weeks. I might look at changing what my activities are to see if I might be in a rut. Also, I am having another look at my portions to see if there is an issue there. I am going to tweak my snacks just a bit. I have been relying on fruit for snacks, which are 0 Weight Watcher’s points. Fresh vegetables like carrots, celery, broccoli and cauliflower are also 0 points, and have less natural sugar in them per serving. Perhaps there is something to be gained by tweaking between those.

But here is my real issue, and it is the one that kept me awake this morning despite the fact that I decided to work out after work. I sense that I may be tending toward obsessive about my weight loss. The scale is bouncing around of late, and I intend to still weigh myself weekly, but I cannot obsess over the results. Unless I start a steady rise, the fact is that I have shed over 115 pounds. Even if I stayed at my present weight for a time, I am in a far better place than I was 55 weeks ago.

I am not throwing in the towel on losing weight, far from it. What I am trying to do is reset myself mentally a bit, so that I stop having every pound govern my life.

I apologize that this post is rambling a bit. When I was laying in bed unable to sleep it was writing itself. Now that I have showered, it’s slowing a bit. 🙂

I will continue to work towards reaching the goals of my 28 day boost. I am still logging my food, hitting the gym an hour a day, and walking for exercise. But, I am going to work hard to not obsess about my weight. I know that I am making wise and healthy choices, and that my health is almost miraculously better than a year ago. I’m not resting on my laurels, but I am also not going to beat myself up for hitting an inevitable plateau.


  1. I think you are reaching that stage when the body is getting fitter and it will be harder to lose that weight. My 172-156 was a breeze but now I am stalling. We have discussed it. I am going to work on my diet. You have a plan too.

    I am confident we will be successful!


  2. Bobby, I am so impressed by your ability to delve into the heart of any issue. I know that you will continue to accomplish great things! As an aside, I always refer to you and your blog as a positivity train, and this fresh approach is no different!


      1. I know the feeling all too well 🙂 Either way, I’m really proud of you and honored to be able to get to know you!


        1. It never ceases to make my heart jump when a relative stranger like yourself tells me that you are proud of me. Thank you! It is an honor for me to have someone like you in my cheering section, and I love being in yours too!

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