Week 56 – The pattern continues, but maybe not for long

It’s weigh-in day! Today I weighed-in at 226.2 pounds. That is the lowest weight since I started this journey, and represents a 2.4 pound loss from last week. So far I have lost 118.8 pounds, or 34.4% of my original weight.

Those who have been keeping up with me know that I have been going up and down the last 7 weeks. Here is what my chart looks like for that time:

recentlyThe overall trend is downward, which is good news, but the pace is maddeningly slow. This week I talked to Weight Watchers about this apparent plateau. Based on their recommendations I am working to make sure that I eat all of my daily points until next Friday. If I see two consecutive weeks of weight loss, I’ll believe that the pattern has been broken, and that I have the formula to keep going forward. If not, then I will contact them again for a new plan.

One of the other adjustments I have made is to change up my gym routine. Instead of one straight hour on the treadmill, I am now doing 15 minutes on the stationary bike. As a result, the miles portion of my 28 day boost is going to be tricky to reach. Here is my current status:

boostAs you can see, I will probably make the gym minutes goal without too much trouble. The “pace needed” column assumes that I would work out on Easter Sunday, which is unlikely. But, one extra hour in the gym sometime in the next week should get me there.

The miles portion also assumes walking on Easter. On my original sheet I have adjusted the formulae for those two “Pace Needed” columns. If I assume I won’t workout or do heavy walking on Easter, then I need to average 61 minutes per day in the gym, and 6.5 miles per day of walking. Both are certainly doable.

Last week I commented that something wasn’t quite right, that I was obsessing too much about my weight. I am still concerned about that, but I am getting better perspective. I think that part of the obsession is related to the plateau I am on, and knowing that I have a plan to address that, and will develop another if this one doesn’t work, helps.

That’s about it for today. hope you all are having a great week. Would love to hear about your progress, successes, and challenges!


  1. Keep on keeping on. The body tends to hold on to fat for periods of time for survival as it believes it may be heading towards starvation. Once it realized that this is not the case we start burning again. It happens to me every several months.

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