Update to the Boost, and some thank yous

Yesterday I wrote that I would be missing on making the walking and workout time for my 28 day boost. When I wrote that I promised I would show the chart today, so here it is:


It is interesting to me how my readers can really pick up on my true vibe when I write a post. I tried hard yesterday to put a positive spin on my decision, and yet so many people commented to me and offered words of encouragement. I received emails from unexpected sources, messages on Facebook, and comments here on the blog. Everyone was so supportive, it really was touching.

I want to thank all of you who read this blog, and who make comments to me. It really does help me with my own accountability, and with keeping my spirits up when I miss out on a goal.

One wise person pointed out to me that when going down the freeway, it doesn’t matter if you go 70MPH or 60MPH, you will get there. She reminded me that she knows I will get to my goals. Those words meant more to me than she probably will ever know.

Another person told me that she thought my admission of missing the goal meant that I was not a superior being, that I was human. I wondered whether I have been over selling my accomplishments in the past? All in fun of course, but yes, to any of you who wonder, I am just a regular guy. I have no special powers.

Again, from the very bottom of my heart, thank you all! I honestly believe that I could not have lost 118 pounds to date without the love and support of all those who read this blog and offer me their encouragement, praise, and accountability.

My hat is off to all of you!


  1. I think you say it as it is. No doubt about it. And because you are so honest it is very easy to be on this journey with you. Please don’t doubt yourself only because I was trying to be funny.

    A big thanks is due to you. You keep it real for me. Thanks!


    1. I knew you were being funny, and I really did laugh. I think it is important in life for us all to not take ourselves so seriously. You helped me remember that, and I am very grateful.


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