No Ragrets

no ragrets2

If you surf around the internet looking at humor sites long enough, you are sure to come across this gem of a tattoo. Whenever I see it, a smile crosses my face for the sheer irony of it all.

This weekend was Easter. Due to some scheduling challenges, my family started celebrating the feast on Thursday night. We concluded with a fine dinner yesterday that my wife, who is a spectacular cook, put on. The feature of the meal was bacon wrapped, stuffed, pork tenderloin. She made it out on the grill, and it was spectacular.

Also yesterday we had a very traditional blessed food basket. It featured a variety of Slovenian sausages, smokies, and zelodec. All very tasty, and all loaded with fat.

For the weekend, I elected to stop counting points. The truth of it is I probably didn’t end up going overboard, because I moderated everything I ate, but I wanted to have a couple of days of freedom from the close counting I’ve been doing.

I chose the image above for today’s blog because I do not have any regrets about my food choices for the weekend. I celebrated with my close family, and truly enjoyed the time together. If I ate every day like I did this weekend, I’d soon be packing on the pounds. But then, this weekend wouldn’t be a celebration, it would just be Sunday. The celebration was special, and I made sure I enjoyed it fully.

This morning I answered the alarm at 3:53, and headed to the gym for a good workout. I walked 3 miles on the treadmill, then did another 15 minute on the bike. I am working on a new, weekly routine which I will write about as the week goes on.

Part of choosing the image has to do with the attitude of the person sporting the tattoo. If I showed a larger picture, you’d see a smile. Clearly the person doesn’t yet realize the error of their ways, but their confidence still shows. It’s possible that, like this ill-advised ink wearer, I am just whistling in the graveyard. It’s possible that this weekend could have set me back some. But if that is the case, then I will just reset myself and move forward. For today, I have no ragrets


  1. And you really shouldn’t. This journey cannot be sustainable if we couldn’t have a day off here and there. One great weekend with the family is probably what you needed to jump start on your goals. If anything this great weekend will help you resolve stronger and aim higher and go for it. That bacon wrapper stuffed pork sounded divine! 🙂

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  2. Maybe this will actually really help you, Bobby. Sometimes changing up the food plan or “indulging” in more than you normally do can kickstart your metabolism. It sounds like you didn’t go crazy or anything, so I’m really excited to see what this does for you this Friday when you weigh-in!

    And as for that tattoo photo… I have seen this photo numerous times, and I have ALWAYS wondered if maybe it wasn’t a mistake at all—if “ragrets” was the intentional spelling. We all have things in our past that weren’t done “right.” We all have our fair share of misspellings, if you will. However, I know that all of my little mishaps have forced me to become the person that I am today, and I think I’ve turned out pretty well. I don’t regret any of my misspellings. I don’t have any “ragrets.” More than likely, the spelling was a mistake, but I always like to think that maybe it wasn’t—maybe it’s a symbolic message! ❤


    1. Rachael, I love your take on things. I hadn’t htought of the idea of the tattoo being intentional. Who knows? Maybe it is!

      We will see what my weight does this week. If I am down, it means I am following the see saw pattern. If I am down TWO weeks in a row, THAT will be progress!

      But either way, I am doing the right things for my life. It will all work out in time


  3. On the eating style I follow the bacon wrapped pork would be ideal. I gorged on ham myself with no regrets.
    As for the picture and the tattoo, it was intentional. It was a character in the move Meet the Millers. It was actually a decent movie about a middle aged small time drug dealer who has to move a large shipment or be killed by a drug kingpin he mistaking lay crossed. He thinks traveling with a “family” in an RV will not arouse suspicion, so he gets an odd group of characters to play his family. A “dancer”, a run away, and a slow neighbor whose mom leaves alone for weeks on end.
    The scene with the character above is when the run away “daughter” brings him back to the RV and the drug dealer “father” all of the sudden starts to have paternal instincts and kicks the loser to the curb.
    It was a decent movie really, if you like Saturday Night Live alumni type movies.


    1. Funny thing, Rob, I SAW that movie last summer with my son. I forgot all about that scene, and the reason for the tattoo. Thanks for reminding me.

      The pic still works with my post. 🙂

      There was some ham on my plate this weekend too.


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