Week 58 Weigh-in – A Whopper!

Over the last 9 weeks I have been on a plateau. I have gone up and down with each week. In net I have been losing weight, but at a snail’s pace. This week, hopefully, things changed. Today I weighed-in at 223.6 pounds. That is a whopping 3.8 pound loss from last week. My total weight loss is now 121.4 pounds. So, with this weigh-in I have reached another decade of weight loss. I have lost 35.2% of my original body weight.

This past week week I focused on hitting my Weight Watchers points every day. My activity was also very good – I hit the gym 4 days out of 5 this work week. And at work I have been averaging about a mile a day in extra walking. All of it came together for a good week despite the Easter feast last weekend.

For the week ahead I plan more of the same. I will be tweaking my workout routine – finally. Last summer, in answer to a walking challenge, I got away from using the stationary bike. This past week I got back to a 51% / 25% mix of my time at the gym between the treadmill and bike. I intend to get that back to at least a 50/50 split, if not swing it a bit in the direction of the bike. Also, I have been researching some weight training routines. If I find one I like, I will mix that in 2X per week, with the bike/treadmill at 3X per week.  Weekends will be for rest, working around the house, or hiking.

A new friend on facebook challenged her friends to so something just for themselves yesterday. I had been thinking about it for a long time, and I finally decided to get these beauties:


That is a brand, spanking new pair of Merrell OrthoLite, Air Cushion hiking boots.  Camping season starts next weekend, and I intend to incorporate hiking into as many of our trips as I can. Because many of our hikes are on groomed trails, I wanted a good pair of boots to keep my feet safe and comfortable. Last night I splurged and got them. I’ll be breaking them in with a few neighborhood walks this week,, then they will become a staple of my weekend, and summer camping experience!

That’s it for me. How are you doing this week? Drop me a note below and let me know!


  1. Congrats on the big loss, and cool shoes! I’m currently obsessed with finding the right shoes/boots for my big walk. It’s a big decision! I tried on Merrells (had read many fantastic reviews) but Lowas seemed to offer better support for my bum ankle. It’ll come down to what’s in my budget though and the Lowas are pretty pricy :/ We’ll see!!


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