Quick update on the 100 Mile May Movement Challenge

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend. In my part of the country it was a gloriously beautiful weekend weather-wise. On Saturday, I spent a considerable amount of time working on the annual garage purge (which hasn’t happened in a few years, so it is EXTRA difficult). Yesterday we celebrated my wife’s birthday, so I didn’t get out for a walk. But, I am still on a good pace. Here is my chart so far, including 5.00 miles on the treadmill this morning:

may movementI will get more walking in while dodging raindrops today, so that pace will increase.

Many people contacted me with questions about what does or doesn’t count for this challenge. Some questions came here, others on Facebook. The bottom line is this, the point of the challenge is to increase our movement in the month of May. Some people (like me), are walking. Others are running. Still others are biking or swimming. Do whatever works for you. Some have asked me about the 100 miles portion of it. Again, that is my goal, and the goal of some other people. My best advice to you is to tailor what you are doing based on your own physical condition and limitations, and according to what you are doing (run, walk, bike, swim, etc.).

There really aren’t any rules. Set a goal for yourself that represents a stretch, and then work to achieve it. Oh, and have fun doing it. If it is too much of a chore, you won’t stick with it and build new, healthy habits.

So, how are you doing so far?


  1. So far so good staying on track number wise, but I still don’t have a good strategy on working in steps during the workday. (Especially with a deadline looming.) I found myself doing an extra 20 minutes on the elliptical Friday just to make sure I ended with the right number. And, I knew I wasn’t going to make it to my goal this evening, so I convinced my 3 year old and husband to go for a bike ride/walk after dinner. Thank you for the challenge!


    1. I hear you on finding time in the day to walk at work. I will just offer this idea. Sometimes, taking 10 minutes away from the grind to do a brisk walk will INCREASE your productivity. The time away gives your mind time to process, and the exercise gets your blood pumping (all the way up to the brain). Taking 10 minutes every couple of hours will do wonders for your work, and your health. Give it a try.

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