100 Mile May Movement Challenge

Hi! it is Monday morning, and I have started my day with a 5.1 mile walk on the treadmill at the gym. The weather outside today is foggy at present. Later in the day there is a chance for thunderstorms. I am planning to meet some friends for an afternoon walk, so I am hoping the rain will stay away. Here is my chart through this morning:

may movementOn Saturday I did something which was a first for me. I enrolled in the Community 5K Walk as part of the Fifth Third Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here I am with my first-ever bib:


It ended up being a rainy walk, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of those who were there. I participated with friends from a Facebook group calledMy 383 Pound Weight Loss Story, or more simply Team 383. I am wearing the team t-shirt under the rain jacket.

The picture above ended up generating some interesting conversations. One friend told me I needed to put some meat on the bones. My wife thought that this particular picture made me look gaunt. In the Facebook group there was some discussion of the effects of the hat, the V-neck (which is apparently slimming), the over sized jacket (which almost didn’t fit at all before this journey), and the angle of the picture. I know that I still have about 32 pounds to go to reach my goal weight. I feel great at this weight for sure, and I know I will feel even better then. My comment on this picture is that I need to learn to hold the camera more still for selfies!

For the week ahead I plan to continue with the 100 Mile May Movement Challenge, and keep close tabs on what I am eating. As of last Friday I was only 1.6 pounds away from my next goal, and I am hoping that diligence and hard work will pay off. I am sure if it doesn’t happen this week, it will in the coming week.

How are you doing on your goals for the month?


  1. Oh wow! What a great start to the week. Taking selfies is also an art. 🙂 How do the pounds just drop off you? For me I think the fat has decided it will just stay put. 😦


    1. The pounds haven’t been dropping much in the last few months. From feb14 to last Friday I am down about 9. I am not complaining, just saying that the pace has slowed. Keep doing the right thing. It will come

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  2. Congratulations, Bobby! I think it’s so wonderful that you walked in your first event! ❤

    Also, I don't think you look too skinny in your picture, but you can certainly tell that you're getting pretty close to goal, which is very exciting! 😀


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