A fun progress picture, and thoughts on the same

When I started this blog, on March 1, 2014, I created an About Me page. On that page I fearlessly posted the picture on the left below (ok, I wasn’t really fearless. In fact I was scared half out of my mind).

fun pose progress

That photo on the left was taken on May 29, 2011. There actually was another picture taken at the same time, but I haven’t recreated the 2015 version yet. Look forward to that in the future. At the time the picture on the left was taken, I weighed about 340 pounds. The highest I ever reached in weight was 349 in February 2012. It was two years later, in March 2014 that I finally decided to do something about my weight.

The picture on the right was taken yesterday, May 15 2015. Yesterday was weigh-in day, and it seemed a good time to recreate the photo. I have a few thoughts on that one on the right, but first I want to make sure all my readers know something. I am VERY proud of what I’ve accomplished to date. I have lost over 35% of my original body weight. I feel great, I can do things I haven’t been able to do for years, and my overall confidence and outlook are dramatically improved. A while back I even posted a list of 52 things that are different for me since I started this journey, and I am sure if I put a few minutes of thought into it, I could add to the list.

raceThis past week I posted the picture to the right here and on Facebook. The picture sparked a lot of discussion about how much weight I have lost. Most of that discussion was of the congratulatory variety. There were a few who expressed concerns. Some said that perhaps I looked drawn or gaunt. Some wondered if I’d hit my goal and was in maintenance mode. Others thought I’d gone too far.

I think the picture on the right above shows more clearly where I am right now. I am not yet at my goal. I have sagginess in my chest, I have belly fat that is hidden by my gym shorts. There is still sag in my arms. I don’t say these things to put myself down, only to give a realistic view of myself. I am still obese. At present my weight is 221.8 pounds. My goal is 190 pounds. I still have 32.8 to go, and I know that is going to take a long time. While I wish I were still losing at my 2014 rate, I know that a steady, one pound or so per week pace, is a healthy way to go.

It needs to be said again, I am VERY proud of what I have accomplished so far. And, honestly, I am starting to really like the guy I see in the mirror every morning. That guy looks a lot more fit than the cheeky dude in the picture on the left above.

It was fun taking the progress pictures. I posted them on Facebook on both my own page, and on the weight loss group there that I am a member of (Team 383). As of the time of this writing, I am at nearly 600 likes on the side-by-side photo, and the comments are through the roof as well.

One person in the weight loss group asked this question: “How does it feel to loose a whole person and say goodbye to all that fat and misery and hello to Mr. lean and fit?” I hadn’t thought about it in a while, but 122 pounds IS a whole person! To answer the question, it feels GREAT.

When I was doing the Daytona 500km walking challenge this past winter, I watched all of the episodes of Dexter. Those familiar with that series know that he often refers to his “dark passenger”. For him it is the compulsion to do the things he does. For me that dark passenger was my tendency to over eat. As it turns out, my dark passenger wasn’t just a part of my emotional being, I was actually toting his ass around with me! I am really glad to have dropped him off.

Happy Saturday to you all! Here’s hoping your weekend is full of fun and healthy choices.

P.S. I think that my head looks HUGE in the progress pic above. Apparently, the rest of me shrunk, but not my head. My wife says this is good news because it means I was never a fat head (thank you dear). I wonder if it means I am STILL a fat head. At any rate, I can’t stop looking at that picture and thinking that my head is over sized like it is part of a parade float. But that’s just me. 🙂



  1. Congratulations on such a great accomplishment! AND the best thing is that you became a New Creation through personally wise decisions and no dietary gimmicks!

    Isn’t it so amazing that our Godly-designed bodies craves to be healthy and health is more important than weight loss! I bet you wouldn’t go back to your old self for any amount of money, right? If you DO ever feel that tug, remember how successful you feel right now and why would you ever want to give that up? Feeling vibrant and alive is worth it all. Now go out and dance with your wife! Blessings,


  2. Your head looks huge because of all those damn brains!!! Haha!

    PMS — totally not telling you who I am, your brain can guess!!


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