Week 65 Weigh-in – What the …?

This morning I weighed in at 225.8 pounds. That is a gain of 5.0 pounds this week.  I have no idea what happened. I know that we ate restaurant food on the weekend, which probably means I have water weight gain, but that was 5 days ago. I haven’t been diligently tracking my points, but my sense is that I have not been THAT far off. A 5 pound gain would imply that I consumed 17,500 EXTRA calories this week, and I just don’t see how that is possible.

I am back to being obese.

All I can do is go back to fundamentals. I will return to religiously tracking my food, checking my water intake, and so on. Not at all the way to start a weekend.

Here is my update on the 100 Mile May Movement Challenge:

may movement

With 3 days left, I am at 121.54 miles. I am on pace fro 129.92, and am aiming to get that to an even 130 for the month.

My wife wants me to focus on what I’ve accomplished to date, especially this week. If I were coaching anyone else I’d be telling them the same thing. But right now my head isn’t there. I know that I won’t sabotage myself, so it isn’t like I am off to McDonald’s or Jet’s Pizza today. But I am not in the mood to celebrate success today. I’ll check back later and let you all know if that changes.

One comment

  1. 5 pounds is a huge fluctuation. Water weight is one explanation, what about growing muscle? Have you measured your body dimensions? I have been going through a phase oh no weight loss. So I started body measurements. I have been steadily losing 0.5-1 inch every week. Of course I have started weight training and that could be it.

    Don’t be unhappy however disheartening it might be. Perhaps you could consider pacing out your weigh-ins. I don’t know I am no expert. But yes not diligently tracking your intake is a sure way to sabotage your efforts. I know as I have been at the receiving end of it.

    Chin up! And just because you have heard all this before, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be reminded. So I am going to say it. You are a trooper and a great one at that. You have come a really long way. There will be even more ups and downs now. You body will frustrate and defy you. You will have to find new ways to tackle it.

    Enjoy your weekend.


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