Week 66 Weigh in – Obsess much?

Last week when I weighed-in I was at 225.8 pounds. That was a 5.0 pound increase from the week before. I wasn’t too happy. On Monday, after some questionable weekend eating and drinking, I stepped on the scale and was at 230.0. I was inconsolable. For the rest of the week I committed to doing things right.

Today I weighed-in at 220.8, or an official 5.0 pound loss from last week. I am back to my lowest weight since starting this blog.

This week I obsessed. I drank every drop, recorded all my food and stayed the course. Because I had tweaked my knee doing Zumba, I slowed my workouts for the week. Bottom line is I got a good result.

On the one hand, I shouldn’t have obsessed about a single point-in-time weigh-in. I should have trusted that what I am doing is right. On the other hand, I had gotten away from religiously tracking, and I am back to that again. So for the coming week I intend to continue to track correctly, but not to be so darn hard on myself.

On the topic of Zumba. It’s not for me. I tried it, and actually enjoyed the sessions, until I hurt myself. With my knees, it simply isn’t worth the risk. The other thing I noticed is that I didn’t come away completely soaked in sweat. I told my wife after the last one that I’d have been better off on the treadmill or bike at the gym. I’d have gotten a better workout and not tweaked my knee.

My knee is doing much better now. For last weekend it was sore, and I did cut back my daily workout and walking routines. If it continues to improve, I’ll get back to normal in another week or so.

Next Tuesday I am getting my last two wisdom teeth pulled. So, if there are any words of wisdom you want from me, now is the time to get them! I expect that with my soft foods diet next week, I should do just fine on the scale. But if not, I promise not to obsess about it (no those are not my fingers crossed behind my back!)

Because my knee was hurting last weekend, I didn’t end up doing anymore exercise walking. So, I ended up at 121.5 miles for the May Movement Challenge. I had dozens of people tell me that they completed the challenge as well. Some who didn’t think they could do 100 miles in a month were pleasantly surprised that they were able to still get it done. To all of you who participated in that challenge, I say congratulations. This month I am trying to keep my own streak alive, and walk 100 again. But I am not going at it with as much intensity, partly due to the knee issues, and partly due to the wisdom teeth.

Until next time…


  1. sorry for you injury, just take it easy and you will be as good as new and the quick gain and loss is inevitable so just go with it. You seem to be right back on track.


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