Wisdom teeth coming out

I was joking with my team at work last week that with my last two wisdom teeth scheduled for removal tomorrow, they better get any last minute wisdom from me that they can. They all gave me the courtesy smile and half chuckle. Not sure if that is because it’s a lame joke, or if they think that the ship has sailed on getting wisdom from me.

At any rate, the teeth are coming out tomorrow. Should be an interesting week for my journey. On the one hand I won’t want to eat much for a few days, on the other I’ll be eating things like jello or pudding cups when I do eat. And, I won’t work out for a few days. I am not expecting anything this week for sure, and if I do go up a bit, I am certainly not going to worry about it.

I worked out this morning and did 3.5 miles on the treadmill. I probably won’t do that tomorrow because I am not supposed to drink anything after 3:00am, and I don’t want to come out of the extraction dehydrated. So, the next time I do anything seriously will likely be Thursday.

That’s it, just wanted to give you all a mid-week report. Hope you all are doing well these days!


  1. Good luck! I liked the excuse to eat ice cream. 😉 probably not the best idea for a diet. That’s awesome that you worked out today…that’s all you can do is prepare ahead of time and take it day by day. I hope it all goes well!


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