Weigh-in for weeks 68 and 69 – Catching up

I realized this morning that I never made a weigh-in post for lat Friday. So here is a two week update.

Week 68 (ending on 19-June):
Weight – 221.6 (down 3.4 from week 67)
Total Loss – 123.4
Percent Lost – 35.8%

Week 69 (ending on 26-June):
Weight – 220.6 (down 1.0 from week 68)
Total Loss – 124.4
Percent Lost – 36.1%

Two weeks in a row of losses! I am feeling good about that. These past two weeks I have been much more diligent about tracking my food and drink. Because my knee is still hurting from the Zumba incident, I have cut back my workouts and walking. I am still walking well over 2 miles a day, but not near the 4 miles I was getting on many days before the injury.

The knee hurts some, but not terribly. I am still on a wait and see basis with my doctor on whether we’ll do anything. If it isn’t improving after my upcoming vacation, I will probably schedule a check with the orthopedic doctor.

Next week my weigh-in will be on Thursday. After that we head to Northern Michigan for our annual, multi-family vacation to celebrate Independence Day. During the week ahead I’ll be focused on tracking my food, and slowly increasing my walking (knee permitting).

Sorry I have been relatively quiet of late. My wife even pointed it out this morning. No real reason for it. I’ve been busy, and just haven’t had the burning desire to write. We’ll see how that goes in the coming days and weeks. But, I want you all to know that I am here, working hard, and enjoying life!


  1. I missed you, Bobby, and I am so glad that you’re back! ❤

    I'm glad that you've had a couple of losses in a row, too! Maybe your plateau is FINALLY over… My fingers are crossed that that's true!

    124.4 lbs. lost… THAT'S INCREDIBLE!

    I am so proud of you and so proud to know you. You are such an inspiration to me! 😀

    I hope your knee is on the mend, too! I have lots of experience with knee injuries… They are no fun! 😦


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