Captain Penny and Bobby C’s Full Tracker Club

When I was a child growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, there was a daily children’s program called Captain Penny. On the show was a man dressed in a railroad engineer’s costume who hosted the show. Why a guy who was the engineer of a train was called a “Captain” was never really clear to me, but hey, I was a kid and didn’t really care.

Captain Penny would show cartoons and Three Stooges clips on his show. There would be plenty of advice to kids to make sure they were minding their manners and doing what is right. At the end of each show Captain Penny would look into the camera and say “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time, but you can’t fool mom.”

One of the features of the show was Captain Penny encouraging us all to eat all the wholesome food mom had prepared for us. If we did, we could be members of Captain Penny’s Clean Plate Club. This was all predicated on the notion that mom was making us healthy dinners, with plenty of vegetables, and in correct portions so that we could all grow up to be strong, healthy boys and girls.

The idea of the clean plate was ingrained into me from those early days. And, when portion sizes were reasonable, and we were making most of our food at home with proper balance, it made sense. As I got to adulthood, and restaurant portions exploded, I still stayed a fearless member of the Captain Penny Clean Plate Club. It wasn’t the notion of cleaning the plate that had gone awry, it was the portions that were being heaped on.

I probably could write several posts about portion sizes in restaurants, and the fact that dinner plates at home have grown over the years. But today I am taking a different slant. The reason I started thinking about the good Captain is that I noticed my weight watchers tracker was looking quite empty of late. Every week I come on and say that I am going to be more diligent about tracking, but then by mid week I have slipped back to my more casual ways. Sometimes I track all the way until weigh in, have a good result, and then fall back and slack again. The following week I am up in weight and I push myself to track again, and the cycle continues.

As I was pondering this idea yesterday, I came up with the idea to create my own little club. I am going to make myself a member of the Bobby-C Full Tracker Club. Now, I won’t be donning an engineer’s cap or anything, sorry to disappoint, but I do intend to not only keep my Weight Watchers Tracker full, but to start posting it here on my blog for a bit of accountability. I started this yesterday, and did not go back to the weekend to make updates, so there is where I am so far:

trackerAs you can see, I tracked nothing on the weekend. I also indulged in some extra eating, so I had planned to come in under on Monday. I know that I shouldn’t be using only half of my points in a day, but I never was hungry, and I knew I needed to make up for some weekend indulgence.

My plan is show this tracker at least 3 times a week to you all. Over time it will look more and more full, with checks and smiles in all the right places. I’ll also be including my activity points as well. I had plenty of activity on the weekend (walking almost 60,000 steps), but since I didn’t track my food, I also didn’t track the walking. My thinking is that over time, as I gain back my accountability on tracking, so too will I gain back my mojo for weight loss. Time will tell.

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