Tracker updated and some thoughts

Earlier this week I committed to better tracking of my food intake in Weight Watchers. And, to help keep me accountable, I said I would publish the progress report here periodically. I started this on Monday, and my WW week resets on Friday, so the results from last weekend weren’t tracked. Here is where I am so far:

trackerAfter last weekend I took a couple of days off from the gym to rest my sore knee. Last night I was feeling great and set my alarm for a 4:15am workout today. I am back from that workout and feeling very good.

The thought for today on this journey is complacency. Over the past few weeks,even months, I have allowed myself to become complacent with my tracking. I’ve been making the assumption that my mind is re-trained, and I know what I am eating and how the points add up. While I think that is mostly true, it isn’t enough true for me to stop accurately tracking, if I am looking to lose weight. That’s why I have rededicated myself to the daily tracking that got me such great results last year.

I don’t know if this rededication to tracking will make me magically bust through and start losing a pound or more a week consistently, but I do know that it will help me stay focused.

On the subject of my knee, I have appointments with a chiropractor and an orthopedic surgeon in the next week or so. MY hope is that with some adjustment, and perhaps a cortisone shot, I can finally get back to my zero pain state with the knee. Time will tell, and I will keep you all posted.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow is weigh in day. I’ll be interested to see what the scale says after 1/2 week of indulgence followed by 1/2 week of focus.


  1. Your diligent tracking might make you a regular here too. I am all for that. Good luck for tomorrow. Whatever the results might be tomorrow, please note that your journey isn’t over yet. You have to keep ploughing through. This is a life long commitment.


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