Week 74 – Weighing-in one day early

I am doing my weigh-in early this week due to my vacation starting tomorrow. This morning the scale said 215.8 pounds. That is a loss of 0.4 pounds from last week, and puts me at 129.2 pounds total that I have lost. I am now 86.1% of the way to my final goal weight!

My progress chart, with goals is the featured image for this post. You can also see a version on my Progress Chart page.

I have been diligently tracking my points over the past few weeks. Here is my progress report for this week so far:

trackerStarting tonight, until August 10, I will be on vacation. I plan to stick to my points, but tracking on the app may be a bit more difficult due to signal coverage. I’ll keep you posted along the way, but I won’t be posting pictures of the tracker until I return.

One more thing, I am going to challenge myself to walk 100 miles in August. I had been dealing with a tweaked knee since June, and that has had me slowing my walking pace. I went to see the Orthopedic Surgeon last week. He confirmed that I DO NOT have any damage in the knee, and that it is just inflammation. Therefore, I will be back to my walking routine. A friend in a weight loss group created this logo for the August walking challenge:

august challengeLike the May Movement Challenge, this one is about all kinds of movement. I will be doing walking for mine, but maybe yours will be different. Will you take up the challenge with me? I am starting the month on a vacation that will include daily walks, and some hiking, so I should get myself off to a good start. Why not join me?

One comment

  1. If it’s inflammation, did he give you any medications, exercises to help with it. Inflammation needs to be resolved. Good luck with the walk. I’ll join the challenge. I’m training for a 5 K anyway.


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