New year, new challenges…and a confession

Good morning. As I am writing it is January 2. The last time I posted I was fighting an ear infection, and I was going to give up on a mileage goal I’d set for Christmas. That was November 10. Shortly thereafter, around the 20th, I set a goal for myself to weigh the same on January 1 as I did on November 20th. I never published a post here, but talked about it with family and friends. The idea was to “maintain” in December.

On November 20th I weighed in at 213.4 pounds. If I’d been successful in my maintenance, that would be my weight today. Sadly, today I weigh 225.0

I fell off the wagon in December, and the back wheels ran me over. Then the wagon backed over me again a couple of times. This morning I am not happy with myself.

Oh, and to make matters more interesting, I am pretty sure I am fighting an ear infection again.

Let me just say this before I go on. I had a great holiday season. Thanksgiving and Christmas were special times with family and friends. I indulged along the way, and told myself that I would be ok, because I have good habits. But, it turns out, I slipped back to some OLD habits that have gotten me off my long term track.

Today I start anew. Weight Watchers has changed while I wasn’t tracking, and in a few minutes I’ll be heading there to make updates and start to learn the new points system. I’ve seen mixed reviews, so we will see how that goes.

In a few minutes I will also update my tracking page with the ugly news.



  1. Hey Bob, welcome back! I was so excited to see your post! Welcome back to the blogging world. You’ll have that weight off before you know it. Everyone needs a break! It’s a good time to start the new program. As you know, I’m not a huge fan of it, but with time, I’ll likely merge over to it.

    Looking forward to great things in 2016. I think we’ll both reach our goals!

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  2. Stop hiding is all I’ll say. You were doing great when you were blogging regularly. The time you stopped, you have gone off the wagon a bit. I was hoping that your post (whenever you were ready) would talk about how well you have done despite not blogging. That was my secret hope for you. I’m not going to tell you that things will be okay. Because this journey is hard and it’s a lifetime choice. So good luck with the choices you make. I’m rooting for you.


  3. Bobby! Welcome back, my friend! You’ve been greatly missed!

    I, too, fell off the wagon! I am up ~10 lbs. from my lowest weight. I am back on track, though, and am hoping for GREAT results this week!

    I hope to see you posting regularly again! We can get back on track TOGETHER!

    I am on the fence about the new plan… I complained about it at first, but I’m now trying to just jump in headfirst and DO IT!

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it! And, again, welcome back!


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