Good news / Bad news and first thoughts on the new Weight Watchers

This morning there is good news and bad news on the head cold front. The good news is that I am fairly sure I do not have an ear infection. The congestion that’s been in my head has been going down the last two days. Yesterday my hearing was basically unaffected all day. This morning I don’t feel like my head is the size of an over-inflated beach ball.

The bad news is that the drainage has created a cough which kept me up part of the night. As a result, my first work out of 2016 will be delayed one more day, despite all my gear neatly laid out before I went to bed last night.

On Saturday I started tracking again in Weight Watchers. That meant I got to use the new Smart Points system for the first time. The online interface and mobile application are both updated.

For me, most of the foods I eat didn’t change point values. The aim appears to be to get us to eat more cleanly, avoiding the processed and high fat / sugar / salt foods. I already do that, so no change really for me that I have seen. I am sure that in time I will see a difference in some of my more indulgent foods, but as of now it was business as usual there.

One thing I didn’t like about the online interface or application is the removal of the Healthy Checks. Previously there was a spot where I could go and check the box each time I drank a glass of water, ate a helping of fruit or vegetable, and so on. I liked that visual cue that I was on track on portions, and especially my hydration. I chatted on line with one of their 24/7 counselors, who confirmed that those checks are gone, then left a note on the site. Her answer was to suggest I track those things in another app, or on a spreadsheet. I, of course, do not want to track in two places, so that doesn’t seem practical. When I left my comment on their site, I basically hinted that if I was doing that, I’d use myfitnesspal and just cut off Weight Watchers altogether.

It felt good this weekend to eat right again. I actually felt hungry for the first time in about 6 weeks. I was OK with that! Some of the tempting sweets are still in the house. My wife and I intend to take them to our workplaces in the next couple of days and put them in the break room – far from our desks. What we don’t take there will get purged. The tempting items that will remain will be nuts. I like keeping them around (peanuts, mixed nuts, and pistachios in the shell). In proper quantity they are a good source of quick energy. The key is proper quantity. I need to get myself back on track there. Over the weekend I had none, just to reset myself.

When I posted on Saturday I received a lot of positive feedback. Thank you to all who commented here, on facebook, or personally to me. I truly appreciate the words of hope and encouragement. This morning I am in a far better place mentally about where I presently stand.  I know that I will regain the drive that got me to 132 pounds lost, and I will get back to that level and beyond.

Two things that stood out in the comments I received that I thought were important for me to remember were:

  1. I have still accomplished much. Despite the 12 pound gain, I am still down 120 pounds from where I was. Although I am technically obese right now, I am not there by much, and I am not the morbidly to super-morbidly obese person I was at this time 2 years ago. I have successfully kept over 100 pounds off for more than a year, and there is no reason to think that will change.
  2. When I was a regular blogger I was more successful. It might be interesting to do a chart that shows blog posts / week and weight loss / week. My gut, and my readers think that there would be a correlation. The accountability of coming here and talking about my successes and challenges is a definite help.

That is it for today. Just wanted to update you all on a few things. As always, thank you for reading!

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