A health update posted on my health blog

As I mentioned on Friday, I have been battling an ear problem since before New Year’s Day. When I wrote that update, I called it an ear infection, because that was how the Nurse Practitioner had diagnosed it. She even said I had a blister on my ear drum. She prescribed Amoxicillin and said that I was likely just unlucky to have two infections in about 2 months (I had another in early November).

I started on the antibiotic, and took it as prescribed. When Monday came and I was on the 7th day of the course of meds, with no relief evident, I called the office again. The triage nurse consulted with the NP and they decided to refer me to an Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist (ENT).

At first I was frustrated. I didn’t want to have to wait around to be seen as a new patient, as many of the practices here get quite backed up. But, I called around to the numbers I was given. On the second one I hit the jackpot. They had a same-day appointment and got me in.

The ENT looked at my ear, even using the microscope. He looked up my nose, including with an Endoscope (wasn’t that fun!), and then determined that I did NOT, in fact, have an ear infection. I do have a deviated septum, likely from a baseball injury when I was about 12. And, I had fluid, but not an infection in my ear. The problem was that the right ear wasn’t draining right.

He decided to tackle this from the perspective of getting control of my allergies, stopping the congestion, and then letting the fluid take care of itself.

He put me on Afrin 3X a day (but only for 3 days), Flonase once daily, and Azelastine HCI twice daily.

I am on day 2 of that course of meds, and have an appointment to see him again in February. And here is the thing. I feel somewhat better. Much of the pressure in my ear is gone. There is still some, but I can yawn and make it pop, which I could not before. Honestly, I think snaking that endoscope up my nose released a bubble or something.

At any rate, I feel better. I plan to get up and work out tomorrow morning, and to get back to my daily routines.

Back at Christmas I toyed with the idea of challenging myself (and anyone who would join me), to walk 1,000 miles in 2016.  I have successfully completed several 100 mile monthly challenges, and I thought this one would be nice. I am now 12 days late starting, but I think it is eminently doable for the year. Look for more on that later this week

One other thing. I joked in my last post about having or not having “fans”. I must say, my heart has been warmed by the number of people who have told me they are fans of mine. Here on the blog, on my personal FB page, text messages and more. thank you all so very much!

That’s it. Just wanted to give you all an update on how old Bobby-C is doing!

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  1. Where did my comment go? I think when I write through my cell phone you don’t get my comments. Anyway, I just dropped by to say, I am glad you are doing better.

    I am with you on 1000 miles in 2016 challenge. 🙂


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