Week 98 Weigh-in, and a WALKING CHALLENGE

Good Friday morning to you! I hope your day is of to a good start. Mine is, thanks to the fact that I finally have worked out for the first time in 2016. My ear problems appear to be history, and I Feel great. I have either set out, or taken my workout gear with me to work every day this week. Today my desire to better myself exceeded my desire to sleep. It was NOT easy, and I nearly went back to bed several times. But I pushed myself and got to the gym. I ended up going about 63 minutes on the treadmill at 3.8 miles per hour for a total of 4.0 miles. Not since the 10K on Thanksgiving have I walked that much in a single day, and I feel great!!

This morning I also weighed in. The scale showed me at 217.4 pounds, down 1.4 from last week. My total loss to date is now at 127.6 pounds. I am still about 5.6 pounds up from my all-time lowest of 212.0 back on October 23, but I will get there. Getting back to a workout routine helps.

This morning I also began a new challenge. For calendar year 2016 I plan to walk 1,000 miles. These will all be intentional miles, not including any incidental walking that happens as part of my normal routine. So, workouts on the treadmill, walk in the neighborhood or lunch time, and hikes will all count. I won’t be logging miles while I shop at stores, or other more ordinary walking. If I had started this back on January 1, I would have needed only 2.73 miles per day for the 366 day year. As it is, I am starting on January 15, so my pace will need to be closer to 2.83 miles per hour. Here is the progress table I created for myself:

mile chart 2016

With this morning’s 4.0 miles, I am 36.98 miles behind target. But, I have a LONG way to go. This challenge will not be easy, and starting 2 weeks late will not make it any more so, but I am determined to get this done. Along the way I will post pictures from more interesting walks, share how I am faring with it and so on. I am going to use the accountability of the blog to help motivate me to continue when I want to pack it in.

Who will join me?


  1. Hey Bob! I’m doing 2016 miles in 2016. Those are unintentional miles too because that’s a heck of a lot of miles to log and I didn’t have a buddy for the challenge. Through all that, I know half of them will be intentional miles, so I’m with you!

    I’m glad you are feeling better. Getting out of bed can be the worst some mornings! Congrats on the weight loss! You got this!


  2. I think I like 2016 miles in 2016, everything included. I might add my swimming distance to it. This is fantastic. So much to look forward to.

    Good luck to you both. I am with you both.


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