Week 99 Weigh-in (a little late)

On Friday, January 22, I weighed in at 219.0 pounds. That represented a 1.6 pound gain from the week before. Several factors contributed to the gain, any of which I could use as an excuse, but the bottom line is I didn’t track my eating, I snacked more than I should have, and I ate some high-sodium foods.

This past weekend I celebrated my birthday with my family. I made the conscious choice not to track my food for the weekend. This morning I am back on track, with no excuses, and with no mulligans.

Last week I announced that I have challenged myself to walk 1,000 miles in 2016. Due to being ill the first week or two of the year, I let myself get behind the pace necessary. I have time to make it up, so there isn’t a huge concern.

The first few days of walking at my previous pace (3.8 MPH), made me really sore. I regretted not walking since Thanksgiving. Now that I am a bit more than a week back into the routine, that soreness has gone down dramatically. I am still behind the pace, but I am committed to catching up and surpassing the goal. Here is my chart of miles since Friday the 15th:

mile chart 2016

The spreadsheet for the chart above keeps track of other things as well. It tells me that right now I am 46 miles behind the target of averaging 2.73 miles per day.

That is it for today, just a belated update. Hope you all are doing well!


  1. Nothing like a fresh start to get you going! I’m sure you will lose the 1.6 before too long. I plan to go off plan once in February and once in April. I’ll be on vacation and although I’ll make smart choices, I’m going to enjoy myself.

    Best of luck this week!

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  2. I like how honest you are with your weeks (99) I have reset my clock to avoid the dejection. I remember that I have “always” been trying to lose weight. It has even been 2. 5 years since I started my weight loss blog. But here we are. You once told me that I am very hard on myself and that I need to ease that up a little. I keep reminding myself that I have indeed lost 22 pounds and kept that off all this while. I haven’t gained any back. It keeps me very motivated and I have you to thank for it. However it is only a sum total. I have had weeks where the scaled went back up by 4 pounds. I cannot explain this at the moment, but all I know is that if we keep at it and stay consistent, we will be where we want to be.

    I have the faith in you, and thanks for showing me that faith too.


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