Week 103 – I swear, my weight is like gasoline prices

Good Friday morning. Today is February 19, 2016. My week 103 weigh-in revealed a 3.0 pound loss from last week. I am not at 216.4 pounds. My total weight loss to date, in 103 weeks, is 128.6 pounds, or 37.3%

Last week I had a 3.4 pound increase, this week I am back down 3.0. Have you ever noticed that when there is the slighted problem in the gasoline supply chain, prices spike over night, but when that problem is fixed it takes weeks for the prices to come back down? That’s how I feel about my weight. My 3.4 pound, one-week spike, will likely take a few weeks to get back down.

Today I am feeling good.

On the subject of my 1,000 mile goal for 2016, progress is accelerating. This week I more accurately measured the walking path inside my building at work to be about 0.18 miles. I have taken to logging how many laps I do each day, and then updating my log accordingly. Here is my progress over the last 7 days:

mile chart 2016

This morning I found out that my phone didn’t charge over night. It essentially died in the middle of my work out, but I stayed on the treadmill to get to 3.0 miles for the day. My intent had been to get to 5.0 miles today. had I realized that another 0.69 miles would have put me at 100 for the year, I’d have stuck it out in silence.

This weekend my wife and I plan to get to the gym at least once. I will do a 5 miler and get myself caught up from today. Also, it is supposed to be 50+ degrees here today and tomorrow, so there is the possibility of a lunchtime, neighborhood walk as well.


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