Week 106 and a reassessment

On Friday morning, March 25th, I weighed in at 217.4 pounds. That represented a 1.2 pound increase for the week.Since starting this journey toward better health on March 1, 2014 I have lost a total of 127.6 pounds, or 37.0% of my original body weight.

All weekend long, and honestly for the last several weeks, I have been struggling to decide what my approach should be, and what my attitude should be about my present weight, and my overall health.

Back when I started this blog, on March 1, 2014 I remember sitting at this same desk I’m occupying now, and trying to decide what to name it.  I finally ended up calling it “Bobby-C’s Health Journey”. I recall purposely not choosing to call it “Bobby-C’s Weight Loss Journey” because I wanted it to be about more than just a struggle with the scale. I wanted it – the journey – to be about becoming a more healthy person. Here I sit, 106 weeks later. and in some ways I have found myself disappointed. Today I want to tweak my attitude, and my approach to this Journey toward better health.

This is my weight loss chart for the past 106 weeks:

all time

That first year I lost 117.2 pounds. or 34% of my original weight. At that point, I was sure that reaching my ultimate goal of 195 pounds was right around the corner, and I’d be hitting in time for swimsuit season. That isn’t quite how it has worked out. I did continue to lose weight from that date. By the 4th of July I had reached 218.8 pounds or a 126.2 pounds loss. I felt fantastic! Even though my weight loss rate had slowed from a running average of 1.9 pounds per week to 1.1 pounds per week, I was still losing. That was when I really slammed into the plateau on which I find myself today. Here is my chart starting with the July 4 weekend:

since july 4Since that weekend I have spent virtually all of my time between 215 and 220 pounds. I have had a few weeks below (in September and October), and a few above (around the Christmas season), but essentially I have been living in that band. In fact, had my original goal weight been about 217 pounds, I would probably be celebrating about 6 months of maintenance, with a few hiccups. In short, I’d be pretty darn happy.

But weight doesn’t tell the whole story. Here are some other numbers from then and now (note that some measurements are approximated based on my clothing size at the time):

key numbers2

First, the good news.

  • A1C in 2014 was at least pre-diabetic. Today, at 5.2, it is normal
  • BMI went from 46.8 to 29.5
  • Total Cholesterol went down, and my HDL (Good cholesterol), went UP
  • Waist to Height ratio and Body Fat Percentages both improved

The not-so-good news:

  • BMI is still within 0.5 of obese, and high in the overweight range
  • Body Fat Percentage is still in the Very High range
  • Waist to Height Ratio is still in the Very Overweight range, bordering on Morbidly Obese

In short, there is still some work to be done.

When I got up this morning I was all set to write a blog post about how I have been unnecessarily beating myself up. I was going to write about how most of my numbers are just where I’d like them to be, so why all the fuss about the scale. Largely I still feel that way. But, the fact is that I still have work to do. I am not at the healthy weight / BMI. My body fat percentage is still too high, and so on. In short, this part of the journey is not over.

I also had decided that I am going to tweak my approach to my health. Not making wholesale changes, but making a few adjustments that I think will push me to the next level. Here is that plan:

  1. My mind is adjusting to the idea that my new “normal” is to be between 215 and 220 pounds. I will no longer beat myself up for my weekly weigh-in as long as I fall within that range. If 2 through 5 below result in a significant change to that range, I will adjust. But NO LONGER will I spend the weekend upset with a weigh in that falls in that range.
  2. I am going to incorporate some upper body strength training into my workout routines at the gym. I still plan to do the treadmill, but I will cut that back to cover only the time to watch 1 episode of TV (about 42 to 45 minutes). The remainder of the hour I spend at the gym will be on machines to work my arms and shoulders.
  3. No eating after 8:00pm. While I don’t do a lot of unhealthy snacking to begin with, I still do like to snack while watching TV. I am going to work to eliminate that.
  4. Push ups and Sit ups while watching TV. I’ll be replacing my urge to snack with some good, old-fashioned exercises!
  5. Accurately tracking my food and drink. I have been complacent (again), on this, and plan to get it back in line

My long-term goal is still to reach 195 pounds. I do not have a timetable for it, and I won’t be critical of myself for not inching toward it every week.

I would like to say that I will also blog more, but I am tired of making and breaking that promise. I do have some thoughts that I would like to share, and as I have time I will be writing them. But no specific timetables.

That’s it. Just some thoughts this morning on where I stand in my journey, where I still want to go, and how I would like to get myself there.



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