If you halve it, you can have it

When I first made my decision to lose weight in March of 2014, one of the first things I had to learn was the sizes of appropriate portions. In one of my first posts I took a humorous look at what I previously considered to be an appropriate snack, verses what was ACTUALLY an appropriate snack.

I have come a long way since then, and my brain is partially re-trained to recognize what constitutes a healthy portion. I don’t declare victory on this front because I know that if I don’t remain diligent, I will slip to old ways.

Recently an acquaintance on Facebook posted pictures of her husband. With diet and exercise he has lost over 80 pounds. He looks great, and he also reports that he feels great! When I saw the comparison pictures I offered a few words of congratulations and encouragement. He saw my comment, and mentioned that he has, over the time he’s been losing weight, used a principle that he heard from me. Namely…

halve it

Part of how he has learned to control his food urges, and re-train his brain, has been to systematically cut in half the portions he would normally have eaten.And he says it has worked for him

Just today I was talking to someone who asked how people who have sustained weight loss manage to cut out all those calories so quickly, without driving themselves mad. Speaking only for myself, I said that it was a matter of cutting back slowly on the portions at meals, and radically on snacks.

To this day, as I continue on my path, I use this principle to good effect. As you are working through your brain training on portions, and dealing with those inevitable snack urges, give this idea a try. All other things being equal, you’ll find yourself eating less.

Quick update on my week so far

Since my Friday weigh-in I have been very active. We had a weekend of absolutely gorgeous weather, and I did my best to take full advantage. I had yard work and garage work to do, so I turned on some music and got to work. As a result, my steps were well above my target on all 3 days (Friday through Sunday), and my yard and garage are in good shape too!

On the food front, the news isn’t quite so good. While I don’t think I particularly OVER ate on Saturday or Sunday, I wasn’t really diligent in my tracking. As a result, I colored those two days yellow on my chart.

Today I went to the gym after work and did a 42 minute interval training on the treadmill. I workout at Lifetime Fitness and their app connects to my heart rate monitor and gives me prompts to increase or decrease my intensity to match the target zones. At the end of the workout it shows me a graphical representation of the work I have done. In a future post I will pull the graphic in and show you what I mean.

The bottom line is that it has drastically changed how I approach the treadmill. No longer am I content to walk for an hour at 3.8 miles per hour, with an incline of 0%. Now I get up as high at 4.3 MPH, with an 8% to 9% incline. I have stepped up my game dramatically.

Today was as beautiful as the weekend, so I spent my lunch time walking at work. As a result, with still a few hours in the day, my step count is up to nearly 16,000.

Hope you all are having a great week!

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