Week 117 Weign-in and a mini-get away

This morning (May 27, 2016) mark 117 weeks since I started this journey. Today I week I weighed in at 219.4 pounds. That is a 3.4 pound loss since my last weigh in. I am now down 125.6 pounds or 36.4% of my original body weight.

Here is a quick summary of my days since last week:

  • Last Friday – Didn’t go to the gym, but did 13,882 steps. Stayed within my WW points. Green for the day
  • Saturday – 8,951 steps. Didn’t over eat, but also didn’t track accurately. I scored it a yellow
  • Sunday 12,463 steps, but again didn’t track points accurately. Scored a yellow
  • Monday – 16,293 steps. Also did an interval workout in the afternoon. Hit my points. Wrote a blog post. Green day
  • Tuesday – 14,693 steps. Stayed within my points. Green Day
  • Wednesday – 11,813 Steps. Did a 58 minute interval training. Stayed within my points. Green Day
  • Thursday – 8,612 steps. Stayed within points. Green day

So 5 green days out of 7, with two yellows. Not bad at all, and the results showed it.

This weekend my wife and I are taking a mini-getaway. We are going to Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio for some site seeing and hiking. It should be a great weekend. There are chances of thunderstorms on the days we will be there, so we are packing our Scrabble board in case we get rained out. But we are both looking forward to just being away for a couple of days.

I will be back writing on Monday. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

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