Week 119 – Off week, positive result

It has been 2 weeks since last I posted here. (why does that sentence take me back to my Catholic Grade School days? lol). In that time I had a great week, with a minimal result, and an off week with a more impressive result. Here is where I stand:

Week 119
Weight – 216.4
Change this week: -2.6 pounds (-3.0 pounds in 2 weeks)
Total Loss: 128.6 pounds
Total % lost:  37.3%

 Since my last weigh-in post, I had the weekend of hiking. That week I ended up losing 0.4 pounds. I was a bit disappointed. But, we had eaten out that week (sodium), my intestinal schedule was off, and I had missed a work out. So, I was actually ok with the total result.

This week I fell off the wagon on food tracking, and only got to the gym twice, and I missed my step goals on 3 straight days, but my weight loss for the week was 2.6 pounds. I am basically saying that over the 2 weeks, including Hocking Hills, I am down 3.0 pounds, which is right on target.

I say that I fell off the wagon on tracking and that is just what I mean, I didn’t track. I also didn’t binge, or really eat anything that was off-plan. I just didn’t track. I know that in the long run that is bad news for me, but at the same time, I also know that for a short time I can sustain good, healthy choices.

For the week ahead I plan to get back to tracking my food, and to hit my schedule of steps and workouts.

This morning I have a bi-annual doctor visit, which will mean new A1C reading. I’ll talk about those results in a future post.

Wherever you are on your journey, keep plugging away. Sometimes it happens that you rock your tracking and exercise for a week, and see minimal results, then you will have a week where you feel like you were a little off, and you get a big result. The body is not always predictable. Have a plan, stick to your plan, and ride out the waves!

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