210 by 2/10

Good morning. Today is November 1, 2016. Yes,  I am still around. No, I haven’t been blogging, and for that matter, I haven’t been really paying attention to my health lately.

The list of excuses for why I haven’t been doing what I know I need to do is a mile long. I could list them, but what point would that serve? The truth is that somewhere along the line, somehow, I lost focus. My last post here was June 10th. That day I weighted 216.4 pounds. Today I stepped on the scale, and I am at 242.4.

I desperately want this slide to stop NOW!

My fellow blogger Mama Ames and I have been talking and we have decided to set ourselves some goals. For me it is to reach a target weight of 210 pounds by 10-February-2017.

To get there it will be simple, but not easy. The simple formula for me is to track my food daily (and accurately), get back on a regular gym and walking schedule, and share my story regularly to increase my accountability.

My life is incredibly busy and stressful right now, and I have been using that as an excuse to eat, drink and miss the gym. The real fact is that the best way to deal with the stress is to be healthy.

When I started this blog back in 2014 I said that I might live to regret my first post.

There is every possibility that I will live to regret having created this blog. There is a chance that a few months from now this will exist on the Internet as a mockery of yet another a failed attempt by me to do something about my weight. But this morning, March 1, 2014, that is a risk I am willing to take.

As I sit here, some 32 months later, I have the same feelings all over again. Today will either be a start of something special – getting me back in the right direction, or it will stand as a failed attempt.

My official weigh-in date will be back to Fridays. This week I will update my charts and start weekly reports / goals. Today is about recommitting to myself to be better.

I know I have many friends who follow this blog. And all of you will want to encourage me along the way. For that I am eternally and incredibly thankful. I could not have gotten from my start weight of 345 down to where I am today. Thank you all in advance. The one thing I am so bold as to ask you is that you not let me make excuses.I know the accountability rides with me, I have to do this and can blame no one if I fail. I also know that I am at a fragile point right now, and that I need harsh reality, not coddling.

That is it for today. I am going downstairs from my home office to make a healthy breakfast and lunch, and then off to work. Tonight is game 6 of the World Series (Go Tribe!), and the day and night will be long.

Thank you for reading.


  1. Good to see you back! I feel your pain, but have been back in the swing of things for a little over 3 weeks now myself. I need to start blogging again, as it helped me immeasurably when I was actively losing weight.


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