Monday morning…

Good morning, and happy Monday to you all. This weekend I had an off day on Saturday, due to going to a charity dinner and auction. The food was great, but I was powerless to resist the Creme Brule! Yesterday I was back on track though.

Today I set my alarm for 4:00am, and hit the gym. I did a 42 minute, interval workout on the treadmill. I can really tell the effects of my layoff from workouts. It used to take me having the treadmill at a 15%incline, walking 4.1MPH to get my heart rate to zone 3. Today I was able to do it at a 10% grade, and 3.8MPH. Bottom line, I am a little out of shape.

The plan for the rest of the week is to stick to my points, and get in at least 2 more work outs.

I still haven’t updated the charts on my progress page. I will work on that later today as well. I won’t like seeing the steep climb, but honesty is the only way to deal with my reality.

My parting thought…

When I was losing weight between March 2014, and the end of last year, one of consistent mantras was NO Excuses.

excusesThis summer I indulged in excuses. When coupled with the lies I was telling myself, the weight gain was not only un-surprising, it was inevitable.

I may not always make the best choices going forward, after all I am human (and creme brule tastes pretty good), but I do pledge to myself to eschew excuses and do whatever is needed to recover from my bad decisions quickly.


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