The struggle goes on

This week I’ve not been as diligent as I should. I have watched what I eat, but not tracked in WW. I made 1 trip to the gym, and will get one more in, but will fall short on my goal of 3. Oh, and I have missed my step goal every day. so, yeah, not trending the well. Tomorrow will be the day of reckoning.

Next week is Thanksgiving, so plenty of opportunity to be well off the wagon.

I am writing get this today for me. I need to remind myself what my goals are, and that I would think reach them without a lot of work and sacrifice.

That’s it, just a few, random, morning thoughts.

One comment

  1. Have you considered trying Simply Filling? That way, you don’t need to track and are still on program. This time of year is rough. It’s dark when you drive into work….dark when you’re loading the dishwasher after dinner. The lack of sunlight is depressing.


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