January 12 – Finding my “on” switch

“A surprising number of people start a weight-loss program believing all they need is ‘willpower’ and a container of cottage cheese.” – Emme Sokol

Today’s meditation and tip in Weight Watchers Success Every Day. 365 Meditations for Your Weight Loss Journey is all about having the right tools at my disposal to be successful in a weight loss program. It mentions things like measuring spoons and cups, a scale, a food journal and so on. It mentions non-kitchen items like a good pair of walking shoes as well.

When I first read the quote, my mind didn’t go to making the list of tools I need. That is probably because I have been around this block a time or two, and have assembled all of the tools. As someone pointed out to me recently, I have also armed myself with the knowledge and skills I need to be successful. But, tomorrow is weigh-in day, and I know that I will be disappointed. I have been at this for nearly 2 weeks. If I had been on my game in this time I would be down 3 to 4 pounds, or even more. But I honestly will not be surprised if I am up. This quote speaks to me about being mentally prepared for weight loss, and I clearly haven’t been there yet.

Yesterday I wrote about the difference between reasons and excuses. I had good intentions of hitting the gym after work. Work ended up not ending until nearly 6:00pm, and I was exhausted. So, next I thought I would get up this morning. But, my schedule of meetings was playing in my head, and I opted for splitting the difference between extra sleep and an early arrival time at work to be best prepared for the day. After work I was on the phone with my wife and decided that it was in our best interest to eat dinner together earlier rather than later.

Are you keeping score? I count at least 3 excuses (one for each missed opportunity to get to the gym), in that last paragraph. I could sit here and beat myself up for not following through on the commitments I’ve made to myself. But, what good would that do? Instead I need to figure out what is keeping me from moving forward. What is it that is keeping my switch from moving to the on position.

It is 10:00pm. I was enjoying some time with my wife, and there was a break. I said to her I haven’t written yet today, and the urge was in me to get up here and write. If I can answer that compulsion, I can create and answer compulsions for tracking food and getting back on the treadmill.

Bobby-C’s thought for the day…In addition to willpower and the right tools, to be successful one must find the switch that moves them to action from inaction. I am still searching for mine.

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