January 15- CORRECTION to my graph

This morning my post included a graph correlating my weight loss to the number of blog posts I have written. As I was looking at it this afternoon, I noticed something strange. According to the chart I had lost about 40 pounds in the first month (March 2014). That would have been truly remarkable. In fact, it didn’t happen. I went back to Excel to see what I did wrong and realized I made an error in generating the graph. Instead of picking a line graph, I picked a stacked line graph. Essentially I ensured exact correlation.

Here is how the graph should have looked:


The correlation still exists. There is still a relationship between how often I blog, and my success in weight loss. But it isn’t as exact as my previous graph would indicate.

The bottom line is that there is a relationship between my blog posts and weight loss. Blog posts don’t cause weight loss, that would be a causation relationship. The correlation exists because the number of blog posts and my success in weight loss have a common cause – my commitment and accountability to the process.

The nerd in me couldn’t let the graphical error exist.


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