February 13 – Facing things

“Facing it, always facing it, that’s the way to get through it. Face it.” – Joseph Conrad

This morning’s quote, to me, is about much more in life than just dealing with my health and weight. It is sound advice for any part of life. I find in my own life that the things I tend to procrastinate are those that, when dealt with in a more timely manner, are easier to deal with. When I sit and think about why I procrastinate, it is because there is some aspect of the task which I don’t really want to face.

I have said before that handling the Financial aspects of the projects I manage is something I don’t particularly like to do. But, it is essential to successful delivery. In the past I tended to procrastinate Financial tasks that needed to be complete. The beginning of the year is usually a time of tumult as the needs of the projects must be aligned to the realities of the budget. Much negotiation between and within the projects must be done before final plans are set. Some of us at work liken this to making sausage in that many people like the outcome, but few could stomach witnessing the process.

The month of January was quite stressful, and the first half of February hasn’t been much better. Recently I hung this index card in my cube:


It is there to remind me that, while the present situation, and the constant levels of “help” coming from senior management might suck, they are, in fact, part of the reality of my situation. It is a fool’s folly to try to change my present circumstance. So, the sentence on the card reminds me of the simple truth that I must accept what is, while trying to make it better.

How does this relate to today’s quote? It is simple. My current, inspirational quote in my cube is nothing more than a reminder to do what Joseph Conrad is suggesting. It is my reminder to face things, and then to deal with them.

Bobby-C’s thought for the day…The necessary first step to improving anything is to understand and accept the present facts, to face them, and then to bullishly work to make them better.

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