100 Mile May Movement Challenge

Week 66 Weigh in – Obsess much?

Last week when I weighed-in I was at 225.8 pounds. That was a 5.0 pound increase from the week before. I wasn’t too happy. On Monday, after some questionable weekend eating and drinking, I stepped on the scale and was at 230.0. I was inconsolable. For the rest of the week I committed to doing things right.

Today I weighed-in at 220.8, or an official 5.0 pound loss from last week. I am back to my lowest weight since starting this blog.

This week I obsessed. I drank every drop, recorded all my food and stayed the course. Because I had tweaked my knee doing Zumba, I slowed my workouts for the week. Bottom line is I got a good result.

On the one hand, I shouldn’t have obsessed about a single point-in-time weigh-in. I should have trusted that what I am doing is right. On the other hand, I had gotten away from religiously tracking, and I am back to that again. So for the coming week I intend to continue to track correctly, but not to be so darn hard on myself.

On the topic of Zumba. It’s not for me. I tried it, and actually enjoyed the sessions, until I hurt myself. With my knees, it simply isn’t worth the risk. The other thing I noticed is that I didn’t come away completely soaked in sweat. I told my wife after the last one that I’d have been better off on the treadmill or bike at the gym. I’d have gotten a better workout and not tweaked my knee.

My knee is doing much better now. For last weekend it was sore, and I did cut back my daily workout and walking routines. If it continues to improve, I’ll get back to normal in another week or so.

Next Tuesday I am getting my last two wisdom teeth pulled. So, if there are any words of wisdom you want from me, now is the time to get them! I expect that with my soft foods diet next week, I should do just fine on the scale. But if not, I promise not to obsess about it (no those are not my fingers crossed behind my back!)

Because my knee was hurting last weekend, I didn’t end up doing anymore exercise walking. So, I ended up at 121.5 miles for the May Movement Challenge. I had dozens of people tell me that they completed the challenge as well. Some who didn’t think they could do 100 miles in a month were pleasantly surprised that they were able to still get it done. To all of you who participated in that challenge, I say congratulations. This month I am trying to keep my own streak alive, and walk 100 again. But I am not going at it with as much intensity, partly due to the knee issues, and partly due to the wisdom teeth.

Until next time…

Week 65 Weigh-in – What the …?

This morning I weighed in at 225.8 pounds. That is a gain of 5.0 pounds this week.  I have no idea what happened. I know that we ate restaurant food on the weekend, which probably means I have water weight gain, but that was 5 days ago. I haven’t been diligently tracking my points, but my sense is that I have not been THAT far off. A 5 pound gain would imply that I consumed 17,500 EXTRA calories this week, and I just don’t see how that is possible.

I am back to being obese.

All I can do is go back to fundamentals. I will return to religiously tracking my food, checking my water intake, and so on. Not at all the way to start a weekend.

Here is my update on the 100 Mile May Movement Challenge:

may movement

With 3 days left, I am at 121.54 miles. I am on pace fro 129.92, and am aiming to get that to an even 130 for the month.

My wife wants me to focus on what I’ve accomplished to date, especially this week. If I were coaching anyone else I’d be telling them the same thing. But right now my head isn’t there. I know that I won’t sabotage myself, so it isn’t like I am off to McDonald’s or Jet’s Pizza today. But I am not in the mood to celebrate success today. I’ll check back later and let you all know if that changes.

May Movement Update- busting through 100

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is one of the most beautiful places on earth. The Pictured Rocks National Lake Shore offer magnificent views of Lake Superior. There are over 50 miles of trails along the top of the rocks stretching from Munising to Grand Marais. In addition to Pictured Rocks there are over 200 waterfalls, the most prominent and well known being Tahquamenon Falls near Paradise, Michigan.  This past weekend my wife and I went to the UP to visit Tahquamenon Falls, Pictured Rocks, and a few of the other water falls.

me at laughing whitefish fallsWe ended up taking hikes totaling 17.61 miles on our 3 days. The last hike we took before coming home was to Laughing Whitefish Falls. I had calculated my totals before the hike, so I knew that when I got back to the car I’d be over 100 miles for the month. This is my celebration photo.

The hikes were each very interesting. We started with Tahquamenon Falls on Friday. Our intent had been to hike from the lower falls to the upper falls, about a 4 mile hike. My wife had been there previously and knew of a shuttle bus that would take us from upper to lower to start our hike. Unfortunately we learned when we got there that the bus doesn’t run until sometime later in June. We changed our plan and decided to hike from lower to upper and back, which would have been an 8 mile hike. That hike is listed as “moderately difficult” by the Michigan DNR. The first half mile of the hike was very difficult. Many climbs over roots, rocks and hills. Things leveled out, but it was still slow going. When we were about 3 miles into the hike, we crested a difficult hill, and were looking down for the next leg of the hike. We knew that we were about a mile from the upper falls, but that it was going to be difficult. It was getting later in the day, so we decided to hike back and go get dinner. As a result we ended up with a 6.26 mile hike, but we didn’t complete the round trip. We already have decided we’ll be back to do that complete loop, and will allow additional time.

On Saturday we started at the Hurricane River Campground and hiked from there, past the Au Sable Point Lighthouse, and up to the Log Slide overlook. It was just over 4 miles to get there, and then we hiked back. The weather was perfect and we thoroughly enjoyed the trail. In the past we’d done each of those two legs of the hike before, but never the entire route.

The other hikes we took were shorter, less than 2 miles each.

Here is my chart through this morning:

may movementI plan to continue hitting the treadmill, and doing other walking this week. With 6 days left in the month, 130 miles isn’t out of the question for me.

How are you doing on your miles? You have about a week left. As of this morning you should be at about 81 miles. If you are a little behind, start now to catch up. As always, though, be safe and make sure you don’t over do it. Enjoy yourself and talk to you again soon!

Week 64 Weigh-in – I did it!!!!!!!!!

Good morning. No..that lacked the excitement I am feeling, let me try that again. GOOD MORNING!!!!!

It is Thursday, which is not my regular weigh-in day, but my wife and I are planning a long weekend trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula this weekend, so I weighed-in one day early. And to say I am excited would be to understate how I feel.

Today I tipped the scale at 220.8 pounds. That represents a 1.0 pound loss from last week. My new total weight loss is 124.2 pounds or 36.0% of my original weight. And, most importantly….


As of this morning my BMI is 29.95.

When I started all this, back on March 1, 2014, my BMI was 46.79. I considered myself morbidly obese (BMI over 40), and later found out I actually nearing the point of being considered super morbidly obese (BMI over 50). But today, 446 days later, I am no longer obese.

Let’s be clear, I am actually about 1/2 pound under the mark, and certainly not anywhere near my goal of being not over weight, but I am taking a moment for a personal celebration here!

If you are reading this blog for the first time, or the 100th time, and you think you can’t do it, let me tell you that you can! I was where you are once. I lost weight in 2000-2001, and then put it all back on, plus 55 pounds.  In 2009 through 2014, I knew that I needed to lose weight, but never really believed that I could. I saw it as too hard, and that I wouldn’t have the resolve. I promise to write more about that struggle, and how I had to get my head right before I could get my waistline right. For today I want to just offer this. You CAN do it. You might have challenges along the way, you will have to be patient, you’ll need to change how you eat, and maybe even WHAT you eat. You’ll have to dedicate yourself to moving more and getting more exercise. But you CAN DO all those things.

When I was a couch potato lamenting the fact that I had food stains on all my shirts, and too many chip crumbs around me to count, I didn’t believe. It took one day, then another, then another, until finally I had a pattern going.

100 Mile May Movement Update

may movementAbove is my chart, including this morning’s trip to the gym. I had a hard time getting up for the gym today because I was a bit tired from taking my first Zumba class last night. I haven’t decided how sore I am from that workout yet, time will tell. I will say I had a great time, and I will be there again in the future. I lurked in the back and had no idea what I was doing much of the time. I told my wife this morning that someone should have recorded it. They could have sped it up and put it to the music from the old Benny Hill show, and it would have looked hilarious.

For the week ahead, more tracking, more walking, and maybe a Zumba class.

This is the Memorial Day weekend in the US. Many people kick off their summer with yummy barbecues. What is your strategy to stay on track with all that great food in front of you? Plan now for a great weekend, and get your summer of to a great start.

100 Mile May Movement Challenge Update

Happy Hump Day to you all. It is Wednesday, May 20th. We are nearly 3 weeks into the 100 Mile May Movement Challenge, and it is time for an update from me.

This week I haven’t quite been the rock star on walking that I was last week. Here is my chart:

may movement

excusesThis past weekend there was a lot going on, and I wasn’t able to make it to the gym.Yesterday my schedule also got away from me after sleeping in. I know, EXCUSES! And you know how I feel about those!

So, with that in mind I was up promptly at 4:00am today, and have put in 5.00 miles on the treadmill. I have a normal day at work, with some time in for walking (I did get to have 1 mile at work yesterday, so I wasn’t a complete slug).

After work I am trying to connect with a friend to walk her neighborhood. Then, tonight will be the much-awaited first time for me going to Zumba!

This time tomorrow I will either be exhilarated or exhausted.Either way it should be a good time tonight.

challenge logo

How are you doing on your fitness this week? If you are working on the 100 Mile May Movement Challenge, then you should be at about 64.5 miles by the end of the day today. If you’re ahead of that, then accept my high 5. If you are behind it, also take a high 5 from me, and keep on moving.

I was talking to someone over the weekend who didn’t think she’d be able to accomplish the challenge. She is a couple of years older than I am, and is very active, but she knew that 100 miles would be tough. At the beginning of the month I told her to just do her best, and stretch herself a little. If that added up to 100 miles, then great. And if not, she’d have a lot of fun getting some exercise. Well, on Saturday, the 16th, she informed me that she was at 50 miles. That is half way there in half the month. I gave her a hug and told her how proud I was of her.

Happy trails!

Week 63 Weigh-in – Finally breaking the pattern

Since February 13, I have been in a pattern of alternating between gains and losses. For the last 13 weeks the pattern has held. Today, the pattern is broken. This morning I weighed-in at 221.8 pounds. That is a 0.8 pound loss from last week, and brings my total weight loss to 123.2 pounds or 35.7% of my original body weight.

I am very happy with this progress. I have been preaching the mantra that Slow Progress IS PROGRESS to anyone who will listen, and doing my best to live by it. For the past 13 weeks I am down 9 pounds, which works out to an average of 0.7 pounds per week. That is a pace of 36 pounds for a year, which anyone would claim as success!

100 Mile May Movement Challenge Update

For the month of May I am also working on a challenge to walk 100 miles. Some who are following this challenge are running, some are including biking and elliptical work. One person is even swimming. And, some people have set their goal to be lower than 100 miles, but still a stretch for them. Including the 5 miles I did this morning, here is my progress on the challenge to date:


may movement

Today is approximately the half way point of the month, and to date I am at 61.8 miles.

For the week ahead there will be a few things to note.

First, my weigh-in for next week will be a day early. My wife and I are taking a trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula for the Memorial Day weekend. We plan to do some hiking there.

Second, I may have some really exciting changes to my routine. Some friends here locally have been suggesting that I try Zumba. A group is getting together next Wednesday night, and I am being encouraged to come along. Personally, I think I am far too uncoordinated to pull this off, but I will give it a try. And that will be the night before my weigh-in, so I may have some interesting news.

How are you doing with your challenges and goals? What steps do you need to take to shake things up if you are stalled?

100 Mile May Movement Challenge

Hi! it is Monday morning, and I have started my day with a 5.1 mile walk on the treadmill at the gym. The weather outside today is foggy at present. Later in the day there is a chance for thunderstorms. I am planning to meet some friends for an afternoon walk, so I am hoping the rain will stay away. Here is my chart through this morning:

may movementOn Saturday I did something which was a first for me. I enrolled in the Community 5K Walk as part of the Fifth Third Riverbank Run in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Here I am with my first-ever bib:


It ended up being a rainy walk, but that didn’t dampen the spirits of those who were there. I participated with friends from a Facebook group calledMy 383 Pound Weight Loss Story, or more simply Team 383. I am wearing the team t-shirt under the rain jacket.

The picture above ended up generating some interesting conversations. One friend told me I needed to put some meat on the bones. My wife thought that this particular picture made me look gaunt. In the Facebook group there was some discussion of the effects of the hat, the V-neck (which is apparently slimming), the over sized jacket (which almost didn’t fit at all before this journey), and the angle of the picture. I know that I still have about 32 pounds to go to reach my goal weight. I feel great at this weight for sure, and I know I will feel even better then. My comment on this picture is that I need to learn to hold the camera more still for selfies!

For the week ahead I plan to continue with the 100 Mile May Movement Challenge, and keep close tabs on what I am eating. As of last Friday I was only 1.6 pounds away from my next goal, and I am hoping that diligence and hard work will pay off. I am sure if it doesn’t happen this week, it will in the coming week.

How are you doing on your goals for the month?

Week 62 Weigh-in … and a pleasant surprise

Good morning. It is Friday, and that is weigh-in day for me. Later in this post I will give an update on the 100 Mile May Movement Challenge. But first the pleasant surprise.

All week long I have peeked at the scale (I know, I always tell people not to do that, but I have a hard time taking my own advice sometimes). Anyway, as I have been peeking, I have been up from last week. I was frustrated, because I have been diligent, and I have been working hard on the walking. Well, today I stepped on the scale officially, and it read 222.6 pounds. That is a 1.4 pound LOSS from last week. I was very pleasantly surprised. I am now down a total of 122.4 pounds, or 35.5% of my original weight. You can view my updated progress chart here.

I also have had a good couple of days on the 100 Mile May Movement Challenge. After two mornings of sleeping in, I was up and at the gym for a 5 mile walk today. Yesterday I did double duty on walking. After work, I walked my neighborhood and snapped this picture when I finished.

walking selfie 1After dinner, I joined my wife on a walk to help her get some miles in, and we stopped to snap this one:

walking selfieWith this morning’s walk, here is my chart to date.

may movementThis weekend I am doing something for the first time. I am going to walk in a community 5k in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am going to be with a group of people from facebook who are part of the group called MY 383 Pound Weight Loss Story. It is a group started by Brian Flemming to offer support to people looking to lose weight. His story is quite inspirational, and if you google his name, I am sure you will find articles from news sources around the world. He lives just a few miles from me, and I am meeting him and a group of other runners and walkers for the event. I will post pictures when I get back.

How are you progressing on your goals? Leave me a message below. If you need a bit of encouragement, hit me up and I will  send some your way!

Quick update on the 100 Mile May Movement Challenge

Good morning! I hope you all had a great weekend. In my part of the country it was a gloriously beautiful weekend weather-wise. On Saturday, I spent a considerable amount of time working on the annual garage purge (which hasn’t happened in a few years, so it is EXTRA difficult). Yesterday we celebrated my wife’s birthday, so I didn’t get out for a walk. But, I am still on a good pace. Here is my chart so far, including 5.00 miles on the treadmill this morning:

may movementI will get more walking in while dodging raindrops today, so that pace will increase.

Many people contacted me with questions about what does or doesn’t count for this challenge. Some questions came here, others on Facebook. The bottom line is this, the point of the challenge is to increase our movement in the month of May. Some people (like me), are walking. Others are running. Still others are biking or swimming. Do whatever works for you. Some have asked me about the 100 miles portion of it. Again, that is my goal, and the goal of some other people. My best advice to you is to tailor what you are doing based on your own physical condition and limitations, and according to what you are doing (run, walk, bike, swim, etc.).

There really aren’t any rules. Set a goal for yourself that represents a stretch, and then work to achieve it. Oh, and have fun doing it. If it is too much of a chore, you won’t stick with it and build new, healthy habits.

So, how are you doing so far?

Week 61 Weigh-in – New month, new challenge, new attitude

Lately my attitude has been bad. For the first 10 months that I was on this Journey towards better health, I was putting up some incredible numbers. In that time I went from 345 pounds to 237 pounds. I lost over 100 pounds in a very short time. Since then my progress has slowed. Intellectually I knew it would happen, it happens to anyone who is on a long-term weight loss path such as mine. But, for some reason I must have thought I was somehow better than the millions of people who have gone before me. I had this attitude that it wouldn’t happen to me.

Since February 13, here is my weight loss progress:

recent chartI have been going around telling anyone who will listen that I have been on a plateau. I convinced myself of this because my progress had slowed. What I was ignoring was that I was, indeed, losing weight. On February 13 I weighed-in at 232.4 pounds. Today I tipped the scale at 224.0. That is a 7.6 pound loss. Is it the rock-star pace I was on for 2014? No, but it was unrealistic to believe that pace would continue. But let’s get some perspective here. Since crossing the 100 pound loss mark, I have lost another 21 pounds. Since January 1, I have lost 18.8 pounds. Since starting my new job assignment on November 1, I have lost 27.4 pounds.

In the chart above I put in the green line to remind me that I am, indeed, losing weight. When it is viewed from the perspective of my long-term loss, it looks less dramatic, but why I am doing that to myself? After all….

slow progressDo you know how many people I have said that to? Do you know how many people I have encouraged who have lost LESS weight than I have in recent weeks? Yeah, a lot. But for some reason that message wasn’t getting through my somewhat less thick skull.

Today is May 1! I am glad to see April in the rear view mirror. Traditionally May is a difficult month for me emotionally, but I am bucking that tradition this year. I am waking this morning with a freshened attitude.

For the week I weighed-in at 224.0 pounds. That is a 1.0 pound increase from last week, and my total loss is now at 121.0 pounds, or 35.1% of my original weight.


challenge logoStarting today I am taking up the challenge to walk 100 miles in the month of May. I posted this on a Facebook group I belong to that has 12,000 members, and the response there has been overwhelming. Some people have even contacted me here about taking up the challenge. It’s simple, for the month of May, try to move yourself 100 miles. If you are a walker like me, then walk. If you are a runner or jogger, do that. The idea is to stretch ourselves to do a little bit more. I have taken up challenges like this in the past, and have had great success. I’ll be posting my progress here for the world to see. This morning the month was kicked off with a 4.0 mile walk on the treadmill.

I am making the decision to have a better attitude. The one I had in April wasn’t serving me well. It was making me doubt my progress, doubt my plan, and sulk when there were minor corrections on the scale. Today I am letting go of that frustration, and looking forward to a May full of fun, progress, diligence and hard work.