1,500 Minutes in October

Week 35 Weigh-in and Final update on the 1,500 minute challenge

Good morning!

Today I tipped the scale at 251.4 pounds. That represents a 0.6 pound loss from last week. My total weight loss is now at 93.6 pounds or 27.1% of my original body weight.

This morning I did a 60 minute treadmill work out. Here is my chart to date for the challenge to exercise 1,500 minutes in October:

1500 chalenge

I did it! I exercised for 1,500 minutes in the month of October. If I end up taking an exercise walk today, it will go higher. So far I am at 1,525 for the month.

For the week ahead the plan is to continue to work out in the morning before work. I find that I am more energetic in the morning when I start the day this way.

It is definitely getting harder to lose weight. Over the last 8 weeks, I have averaged 1.9 pounds lost. I have had a few stellar weeks, and a few that were more flat. As I am shedding the easy pounds and working out more, I am also increasing in muscle mass. This is a great thing for my long term health, but it does tend to slow the weight loss.

How are you doing on your journey?

Update on the 1,500 minute challenge

Good morning. I am sitting here just before leaving for work, and wanted to give an update on my challenge to exercise for 1,500 minutes in the month of October. Today is the 29th. Including today there are 3 days left. Here is my chart to date:

1500 chalenge

As you can see, I worked out for 62 minutes this morning on the treadmill. If I do nothing else today, I need to exercise for 58 minutes on each of the next two days. The plan is to hit the gym before work on both days, and I will crack through 1,500 minutes.

How are you doing on your challenge?

Update on the 1,500 minute challenge and a fun progress picture

This weekend I didn’t get in any exercise. As a result, I will need to have a strong work week in order to reach my goal of 1,500 minutes of exercise in October. Here is my current chart:

1500 chalenge

Now for something a little more fun. This weekend we attended a Halloween party. We go to this particular party every year, and have fun with our costumes. Since last year’s party, I have lost over 90 pounds, so I thought I would post a fun progress picture.

halloween progress

On the left I am Charlie Brown, and on the right I am Cousin Eddie from Christmas Vacation.

With that disturbing image I will leave you for today. How are you doing on your challenge and your journey?

October 24 weigh-in – I wasn’t expecting this…

Earlier this week I wrote about accountability. I talked about how I wasn’t performing well, and I needed to “fess up” here on my blog. And, I made the commitment to myself to be more diligent on point tracking and on reaching my 1,500 minute exercise goal for October. I followed through on those commitments, and the scale definitely told the tale this morning.

For week 34 I weighed in at 252.0 pounds. That is a 4.4 pound loss for the week! I was expecting to see a decent number, but not a loss like that. I was pleasantly surprised. I am now down a total of 93 pounds, or 27% of my original weight.

I am very pleased this morning, and feeling good. Here is my exercise chart for the challenge:

1500 chalengeThe chart shows totals through yesterday. Today I have already done a 1 hour workout at the gym (after my weigh-in), so I am on track for today as well. With 8 days left to track, I need to average 47 minutes per day to reach 1,500.

For the week ahead the plan is to say on plan. I will continue to do my workouts and take my walks, and I will continue to track my food.

Challenge update, indulgence, no regrets

I haven’t written anything on this blog since my last weigh-in. when I started this blog it wasn’t just to report good or bad news on Friday, it was to share my journey and increase my accountability. I have been silent of late, in part because I haven’t been completely happy with my own performance. Today’s post is about being accountable to myself, and with all of you.

Challenge Update

First, an update on the challenge. The challenge is to exercise 1,500 minutes in the month of October. That can be at the gym or with long walks. Here are my results through yesterday:

1500 chalenge

As you can see, on 4 of the last 5 days I didn’t do any exercising. I could give a litany of excuses about camping, long work days and uncooperative weather. But, they would be just that, excuses. The fact is that I haven’t been as motivated to exercise, and the tally of the minutes shows it. Today I started with 60 minutes in the gym, so I might be back on track. But, we’ll have to see how well I keep it up. If I average 55 minutes a day for the next 10 days, I will make the 1,500.


Last weekend my wife and I went on our final camping trip of the season. We intend to winterize and close our camper this weekend (sad day). The campout was with two other families that are close friends of ours. We had a great time. As usual, the food was amazing as all 3 families stepped up to some great outdoor dining. And, there were some beers at the campfire. I elected on Friday night to not count Weight Watchers points for the weekend. I decided to just enjoy this last trip with close friends and my wife. The trip was fantastic, and provided memories that will last a long time. I didn’t really go overboard on eating, but the beers add up.

No Regrets

I have no regrets about the weekend, or for that matter my workout performance. I own all the decisions I have made in the last week. I know that for this journey to be successful, it has to be a lifelong pursuit. It can’t be just about one day, one week, or one month. I made the decision to relax and enjoy the weekend, and I have made the choices to come home after work this past week and unwind.

The scale is hidden away until Friday. Whatever are the results on that day – up or down – I will own. If I am up, I’ll be disappointed, but I won’t have regrets about my choices. And, I will just double down the effort for the week ahead.


Week 33 Weigh-in and update on the 1,500 minute challenge

This morning I weighed in at 256.4 pounds. That was up 0.2 pounds from last week. My total weight loss to date is 88.6 pounds.

I am not really sure why I had a slight gain. I tracked my points fairly well, and worked out several times. I can guess that I might be retaining a bit of water. It’s also possible that I am adding muscle mass from the work outs and it is counter balancing my weight loss.  One other possibility has to do with stress. I am at a critical point on some of my work deliverables, and it has been very stressful getting them completed. Perhaps the stress has messed my metabolism up some.  All that said, I am not terribly upset about a 0.2 gain. It essentially means I was level for the week.

This weekend is our last camping trip of the season, and then back to another immensely stressful week at work. My plan will be to continue working out, doing a better job tracking my food, and staying the course.

Here is my updated chart for the1,500 minute challenge

1500 chalenge

Update on the1,500 minute challenge

So far I am 2 weeks into the 1,500 minute challenge. The challenge is to exercise for 1,500 minutes in the month of October. Here are my results to date:


1500 chalenge

I have been working out before work this week. Today I woke up sore, and decided that if there is a gym trip, it will be after work. Otherwise I will concentrate on walking.

How are you coming along on the challenge?

Week 32 Weigh-in and and update on the 1,500 minute challenge

It’s Friday, and that means it is weigh-in day. Today I tipped the scale at 256.2 pounds. That represents a 2.8 pound loss for the week, my best weekly loss since week 29.

I am now down a total of 88.8 pounds, and have crashed through the 25% mark, as I am now down 25.7% of my original body weight. My BMI is now at 34.75, down from my original 46.79.

You can see my weight loss progress chart here.

Also, I am on track for my 1,500 minute challenge. The challenge is to exercise for 1,500 minutes in the month of October. Here are my totals through yesterday:

1500 chalengeI am on pace to work out a total of 1,800 minutes. Yesterday I ended up having to work late, so I missed that hour in the gym, but it didn’t set me behind.

For the coming week the plan is to keep tracking my Weight Watchers points accurately, and to keep up my exercise routine. I definitely think my 346 minutes of exercise this past week contributed significantly to my 2.8 pound loss.

How are you doing on your weigh-in? And how are you coming along on the 1,500 minute challenge?

7 Days in – Update on the 1,500 minute challenge

This month’s challenge is to exercise for a minimum of 1,500 minutes. I am working to accomplish that with trips to the gym, and walking in the neighborhood or at work. Here is my progress through the first 7 days.

1500 chalengeI am on a pace to exercise a total of 1,831 minutes for the month.

At the beginning of the month I decided to try something new. My gym has wifi, so I thought I would watch TV on my phone while I worked out. I initially chose Breaking Bad, with the idea that I would watch all 62 episodes while working out. But, my wife is a chemist, and after one episode I knew she’d like it too, so it is now our show to watch when we want to unwind. Today I decided to take the advice of several friends and family members, and I watched the pilot for Dexter. And, I am hooked. So, that is now my workout TV show for the winter.

How are you doing on your challenge? And what do you do to pass the time when you are on the treadmill, elliptical, stationary bike or whatever you like to use in the gym?

“Damn! You are hard core!”

That was my wife’s reaction last night at dinner to a decision I made.

It was Friday night and we both had endured long work weeks. We decided to head out for dinner before shopping for some home improvement materials for our weekend project. We decided to head over to Texas Roadhouse, because we both like the food there very much.

As I wrote yesterday, I am returning to my more diligent ways of tracking and planning in my Weight Watchers application. For dinner last night I had 19 points available. I wanted to have a good time, but also wanted to stay within my points. After some careful planning, here is what I ordered, and how I ordered it with the waiter:

“I will have the single cut pork chop, steamed broccoli, house salad with no croutons or eggs, vinegar and oil dressing, a 16 ounce Labatt beer from the tap, and a glass of ice water.”

That order calculates out like this in Weight Watchers points:

  • Pork Chop – 5
  • Salad with just a bit of shredded cheese – 1
  • Vinegar and Oil dressing (I really only use the vinegar) – 0
  • Steamed broccoli – 1 (someday I have to learn why steaming broccoli adds a point to an otherwise 0 point food)
  • 16 oz of regular beer – 7
  • Total for the meal – 14

With that plan I would still have a few points available for an evening snack while we watched TV. I was all set!

A few minutes later the waiter returned with a 22 ounce beer. “The bartender did you a favor. The 22 ounce beers are actually LESS expensive than the 16, so here you go.”

My wife noted my dismay, and she knew that I’d planned out my meal. Had I wanted a 22 ounce beer, I would have ordered a light beer. The extra 6 ounces would only add a couple of points to my total, but there was a principle involved. So, at the end of my dinner, this is what was on my table


I decided that leaving about 6 ounces of beer in the glass on the table was a better choice than consuming it. I did finish that second glass of ice water before I paid the bill, but that is how I left the beer. My friends will accuse me of alcohol abuse for leaving beer behind, and in previous days I’d have done the same to them. But last night I chose this form of alcohol abuse over weight watchers abuse. When I told my wife that I was leaving behind the beer she got an incredulous look on her face and said “Damn! You are hard core!” At that moment, any lingering thought I had about finishing the beer was gone.

We paid and left the restaurant, and went on about our shopping for the night. In the evening, as we settled in for some TV, I did have one half ounce of Skinny Pop popcorn (yes I weighed it), and was done for the day. I ended up with 2 points to spare in case I under estimated, or incorrectly measured anything earlier in the day. I went to bed feeling great about my choices to cap off a busy week.

For me, this is a big NSV (Non-Scale Victory). In the past I would have resigned myself to the “inevitable”, and drank those last 6 ounces of beer. But this time I stuck to my original choice.

Quick update on the 1,500 minute challenge. Yesterday I didn’t get to the gym, and rain kept me from walking to the diner for lunch, or from taking a long walk after work. The only exercise time I got was the 30 minutes that I took at lunch time doing laps inside my building (with some extra flights of stairs). So, here is my tracker through 3 days:

1500 chalenge207 minutes down, 1,293 to go!