Week 117 Weign-in and a mini-get away

This morning (May 27, 2016) mark 117 weeks since I started this journey. Today I week I weighed in at 219.4 pounds. That is a 3.4 pound loss since my last weigh in. I am now down 125.6 pounds or 36.4% of my original body weight.

Here is a quick summary of my days since last week:

  • Last Friday – Didn’t go to the gym, but did 13,882 steps. Stayed within my WW points. Green for the day
  • Saturday – 8,951 steps. Didn’t over eat, but also didn’t track accurately. I scored it a yellow
  • Sunday 12,463 steps, but again didn’t track points accurately. Scored a yellow
  • Monday – 16,293 steps. Also did an interval workout in the afternoon. Hit my points. Wrote a blog post. Green day
  • Tuesday – 14,693 steps. Stayed within my points. Green Day
  • Wednesday – 11,813 Steps. Did a 58 minute interval training. Stayed within my points. Green Day
  • Thursday – 8,612 steps. Stayed within points. Green day

So 5 green days out of 7, with two yellows. Not bad at all, and the results showed it.

This weekend my wife and I are taking a mini-getaway. We are going to Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio for some site seeing and hiking. It should be a great weekend. There are chances of thunderstorms on the days we will be there, so we are packing our Scrabble board in case we get rained out. But we are both looking forward to just being away for a couple of days.

I will be back writing on Monday. Have a safe Memorial Day weekend.

Week 116 – 7 days in to my reset

Happy Friday to you all. I have now completed 7 of my 50 days toward the July 4 weekend. And, I am happy to say I am on track and starting to see some results.

This morning I tipped the scale at 222.8 pounds. That is a 2.0 pound loss from last week. I am very pleased! For the week I met or exceeded all of my fitness and tracking goals, more on that in a minute. Right now I want to show you my current chart for 2016:

2016 - may 20

As you can see, I am not setting the world on fire, but this week the arrow is pointing in the down direction, and that is where I want to be.

Here is a quick summary of my week in terms of food tracking and activity:

Friday – 8,156 steps out of 8,000. To get there my wife and I had to walk our campsite in the rain. Totally worth it. I also stayed within my points for the day. I colored my chart green!

Saturday- Right on the edge on points, may have gone over. It is sometimes hard to track while camping. My step goal was 8,000 for the day. Thanks to a nice hike in Holland State Park, I ended up at 14,509 steps. I colored my chart green

Sunday – Did ok on steps – 8,360. Food I am sure I went over a bit. I colored the box yellow.

Monday. Did a 58 minute interval training on the treadmill after work, and it kicked my butt. I wanted to give up several times, but I stuck to it and finished. Stayed well within my points, and thanks to the treadmill time, I exceeded 10,000 steps for the day. I colored tbe box green!

Tuesday – 16,683 steps, thanks to walking with my wife, daughter and daughter’s friend. I also met a friend at lunch for a 45 minute walk. I stayed within my points. Colored the box green!

Wednesday – Went to work with my trainer. She worked me hard on upper body. To warm up I did 42 minutes of treadmill interval training. Ended up with 8,517 steps, and a 50 minute work out. Well within my points. Another green day

Thursday – 19,217 steps. Did landscaping work where I moved 8 24″ concrete pavers. I wad exhasuted when I finally went to bed. Stayed within my points. Green day for sure.

So that makes 6 of 7 days green, with one minor yellow. Not a bad week at all.

For the week ahead, the plan is the same: 3 dedicated work outs, 8,000 minimal steps per day, track all eating and drinking.

I feel like I am starting to get my groove back on this.

50 Days

As I was laying in bed last night, contemplating what I’d write today, many titles for this post came to mind…

  • Backsliding
  • Break’s over
  • Where in the World is Bobby-C
  • Lost Focus

To name a few. I settled on 50 days because I want to focus on the solution, not the problem.

When I started this blog, and the journey it was intended to document, I promised myself complete transparency. I promised that no matter what happened on a weekly, or even daily basis, I would write about it. I made that promise to myself because I wanted to shed any notion of excuses in my life.

In the past couple of months I have been sliding backwards. Not only have I lost the mojo for weight loss, but I have actually been gaining. This morning I weighed-in at 224.8 pounds.

2016 chart

The chart above shows my progress in 2016. As you can see, I am back to where I started the year. Keep in mind that between Thanksgiving and the end of 2015 I had gained about 10 pounds.

The 50 days in the title of this post refers to a plan I have developed, inspired by a friend who is also trying to get herself on track. Between today and the 4th of July weekend, there are 50 days. Seven weeks from now will be July 1. That seemed like a good amount of time for a reset plan.

Over these next 50 days I am getting back to what I know will work for me. I am going to get back to the basics, the fundamentals if you will, of how I have lost 120 pounds since March 1 of 2014, and how I can get back to being able to say it is 130 pounds lost, or even more.  The basics I am getting back to are:

  • Accurately tracking all of my food and drink and staying within my Weight Watchers points on a daily basis
  • Getting more movement in my life. Regular trips to the gym, and daily walks at work or at home (or both)
  • Writing about my journey

My basic target in this time is to get back below 215 pounds, or about a 10 pound loss. My stretch goal is to get below 210. Honestly, I will be happy if I meet my weekly targets around food tracking, exercise and writing. I believe if I do that, the weight will take care of itself.

Here is my plan for the week coming:

  1. Get to the gym a MINIMUM of 3 times
  2. Walk at least 8,000 steps a day
  3. Write 3 blog posts (not including this one)

I know I have followers on this blog. And I know some of you will want to send along words of encouragement. Trust me when I tell you I appreciate your love and concern, and will graciously accept the comments. At the same time, I know that to be successful and to stem the tide of weight gain, I have to be accountable to myself first.

Thanks for reading.


Week 106 – A bump up

After 3 straight weeks of weight loss, this week my weight bumped up a bit. For week 106 I weighed in at 215.4 pounds, an increase of 1.8 pounds from last week.

I am not really sure why I gained, but I have a few hints:

  • For the week I only did 18.23 miles of intentional walking. That is down from 25.3 miles the week before.
  • I only got up for the gym once all week, and that was on weigh-in day. When I don’t get to the gym in the morning, I don’t get that metabolism boost through the day
  • My Weight Watchers app was neglected all week. I ate mindfully, but without tracking it is easy to eat more

When all is said and done, it is only a 1.8 pound change. The disappointing thing is that I was on a roll. So, this week it is back to what works. The weather will be better, so lunchtime walking outside should be in play, and I will rededicate myself to getting up in the morning.

The challenge this week is that it is my 30th work anniversary, and St. Patrick’s day is ahead.Both of those would ordinarily be reasons to enjoy a few treats. I will have to work out a strategy of eating to take both into account. I already know there is a good chance my weekly weigh-in will be Thursday morning rather than Friday (to minimize any short term St. Patrick’s day effects).

Below is my mileage chart for the week:

mile chart 2016

I am up to 168.7 miles for the year (through Friday). I should be at 194 by now. I am still behind from when I was ill in January and missed 2 weeks of walking. As I said above, with the weather improving lunchtime walks are in play, and with the blessed return of Daylight Savings Time, evening walks with my wife will be possible as well.

Since last July 4th, with only a couple of outliers, I have been between 215 and 220 pounds every week. Here is my weight chart in that time:

since july 4

I have two thoughts fighting in my mind about this.

First, maybe my natural weight is meant to be between 210 and 220. Consider the situation. For the majority of the time in this time frame, I have eaten well, exercised often, and been very healthily. All of my health numbers (BP, Lipids, A1C, etc.), have been in the normal / healthy range and have improved over that time. the evidence would say I am as healthy now as I have ever been in my adult life.

The second thought is that my BMI is still at 29.2, dangerously close to obese (30). My recommended weight range tops out at 183.6 pounds. My original goal was to get below 200 pounds, into the 190s.

So, I am conflicted. On the one hand I love my life as it is today. I sometimes tire of worrying about what food I eat, but I quickly get over that, as being mindful about eating is what will keep me at a healthy weight for the rest of my life. But, I also get frustrated, because I have been tantalizingly close to going below 210, and even reaching my goal, but I feel stalled.

I have no intention of giving up on this. I will, likely for the rest of my life, continue to watch what I eat and drink. I will also continue to exercise and increase my overall health. If I am meant to be a person who weighs between 210 and 220, then I will embrace that – BMI be damned.

I just needed to vent that a little today. Thanks for reading.


Week 105 – 3 in a row!

On Friday March 4th, I completed week 105 of my journey to better health. This morning I weighed in at 213.6 pounds, down 0.6 pounds from last week. That marks 3 consecutive weeks of weight loss. I am now down a total of 131.4 pounds or 38.1% of my start weight. I am only 1.4 pounds from my lowest.

The last time I had 3 consecutive weeks of weight loss was weeks 77 through 79, or August 21 to September 4. And, this is my lowest weight since December 4.

I had a good week. Last Friday my wife and I splurged on Thai food. I say splurged, but the truth is that I ate far less than I would have in the past. It was fun to be out. On Saturday we were to have dinner out with friends, and I had mapped out my plan. Then plans changed and we ended up just having dinner at their house. My wife made a low-cal, WW friendly, guacamole – salsa which we had with low sodium corn chips. Super yummy and very filling. Sometime I will get her to write out the recipe, because it is a winner. It is something she learned from her mom, and we just love it here.

The rest of the week was just a matter of good choices.

In the last 7 days I have logged over 25 miles toward my goal to walk 1,000 in 2016. Here is my data for the week, including my 4 miles this morning:

mile chart 2016

For the month of February, I walked 95.92 miles. The target pace was 79.23, so I got back some of the miles that I fell behind in January when I wasn’t feeling well.

This weekend my wife will be away. I have many fun little projects around the house, and I plan to stay on track with my eating. I may even get myself to the gym for a rare, weekend visit or two.

This morning I am feeling very good!


104 Weeks, but not 2 Years

Happy Friday! Today mark 104 weeks since I started on this journey toward better healthy.Due to the vagaries of the calendar, while it is 104 weeks, the second anniversary wont’ be until Tuesday. On that day I plan to write some thoughts about what these last 2 years have meant to me, and my goals going forward.

Today, though, I come with good news. At my week 104 weigh-in, on Friday February 26, the scale has me at 214.2 pounds. That represents a 1.2 pound loss from last week. My total weight loss to date is 130.8 pounds or 37.9% of my original body weight. This is the lowest weight I have been since November 20, 2015. And I am only 2.2 pounds away from getting back to the lowest I have been in at least the last 25 years or so.

This past week I logged over 25 miles on my goal to walk 1,000 miles in 2016. Here is my progress over the last 7 days

mile chart 2016

For the week ahead the plan is the same as recent weeks: accurate tracking, walking at the gym and work, and limiting snacks.

Make it a great week!

Week 103 – I swear, my weight is like gasoline prices

Good Friday morning. Today is February 19, 2016. My week 103 weigh-in revealed a 3.0 pound loss from last week. I am not at 216.4 pounds. My total weight loss to date, in 103 weeks, is 128.6 pounds, or 37.3%

Last week I had a 3.4 pound increase, this week I am back down 3.0. Have you ever noticed that when there is the slighted problem in the gasoline supply chain, prices spike over night, but when that problem is fixed it takes weeks for the prices to come back down? That’s how I feel about my weight. My 3.4 pound, one-week spike, will likely take a few weeks to get back down.

Today I am feeling good.

On the subject of my 1,000 mile goal for 2016, progress is accelerating. This week I more accurately measured the walking path inside my building at work to be about 0.18 miles. I have taken to logging how many laps I do each day, and then updating my log accordingly. Here is my progress over the last 7 days:

mile chart 2016

This morning I found out that my phone didn’t charge over night. It essentially died in the middle of my work out, but I stayed on the treadmill to get to 3.0 miles for the day. My intent had been to get to 5.0 miles today. had I realized that another 0.69 miles would have put me at 100 for the year, I’d have stuck it out in silence.

This weekend my wife and I plan to get to the gym at least once. I will do a 5 miler and get myself caught up from today. Also, it is supposed to be 50+ degrees here today and tomorrow, so there is the possibility of a lunchtime, neighborhood walk as well.