I need a challenge

Good morning. Before I get into the headline of this post, let me tell you where I am weight wise. Tomorrow is my next weigh in, so there will be a full update then. The last time I weighed in was Week 83 (October 2), and I was at 212.6 pounds. For week 86, last Friday, I was 212.0 pounds. In between I was up and down a bit.

After losing 133 pounds, each pound to lose is more and more difficult. In addition, I have found myself a bit complacent in recent weeks. I haven’t been doing my Weight Watchers tracking, and I have been skipping workouts. This morning I got up and did 3 miles on the treadmill and hit on an idea. I need a challenge.

I have always responded well when I set a challenge goal for myself. Last winter I had the Daytona 500km challenge, and since then have done step challenges, miles, minutes in the gym and so on.

As of this morning there are 56 days until Christmas Eve. If I walk 3.6 miles / day in that time I will reach 200 miles. I am setting that as my challenge goal, to walk 200 miles between now and Christmas eve!

To get to 200 I will have to average 3.6 miles per day, including weekends. I think that having this challenge over my head will get me up on more mornings, have me stopping at the gym after work, and getting movement on the weekend.

So, here goes. My first update of the chart:

christmas 1

…and it’s OK!

As many of you know, I have been working on my 28 day boost. It was a 4 part plan to:

  • Walk 150 miles
  • Work out for 28 hours
  • Write a blog post here every day
  • Track everything I eat and drink

When I started this, nearly 28 days ago, I had high hopes that the weather would break, that I would be writing every day, that my health would be at 100%, and all would be right in the world. Boy was I wrong.

The weather hasn’t broken yet. I’ve only been able to walk outside a handful of times, and some of those have been uncomfortable to say the least.

I got a nasty cold that kept me down for the better part of a week

We got busy on some Spring Cleaning projects which took me away from writing.

This past weekend it was the Spring Cleaning that took center stage. I ended up with no trips to the gym on Saturday or Sunday, and I did no exercise walking. On Monday morning, with effectively 6 days to go, I would have had to walk about 8.4 miles per day, and spend at least 90 minutes a day in the gym. I got up and got to it on Monday, and exceeded both of those numbers. But the reality of 1.5 to 2 hours a day in the gym was setting in.

This morning the alarm went off at 3:53am, and I was TIRED. It was at that point that I realized I wasn’t going to make it to 150 miles or 28 hours in the gym.

I will post the progress chart tomorrow morning, and I will continue to track, but I won’t make the goal for walking or gym time… and you know what?


I am doing the right things for myself. Going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week is a sustainable level. I can do that for the rest of my life. Going 2 hours a day to meet a self-imposed goal isn’t.

After the Easter weekend I am going to change up my approach to working out. I have been almost exclusively focused on walking. I will continue to do a lot of walking, perhaps as much as 100 miles per month. I also plan to work in some weight training to work on other parts of my body as well.

I said when I started this blog that I would be honest and transparent with all of you. I have made most of my goals for things like challenges, and I will always strive to meet those commitments in the future. This time it didn’t work out, but that is ok.

And on the 11th day…

When I made my weekly weigh-in update on Friday, I mentioned that I had been to the gym to work out on 10 consecutive days. Well, yesterday I broke that streak. I decided to sleep in a bit yesterday morning, and never really got going. In fact, not only did I not work out, but I also didn’t get in the 5,000 steps needed for my step challenge.

My wife and I talked about it and we agreed, I had earned a bit of a break. I basically gave myself 24 hours off from the exercise side of things.

This morning I was back and better than ever at the gym. I put in 6.0km in 59.0 minutes on the treadmill. I haven’t hit 5,000 additional steps yet, but the day is young and I plan to get out and take a neighborhood walk in a little bit.

That’s it, just wanted to stay true to my accountability. I won’t be posting the charts today, I will save that for Tuesday.

Here is quick preview of things to come.

Last week I did a review of the menu at Applebee’s. You can read it here. In that blog post I said that I would start a series on restaurants, having a look at their menus. I have decided to call this series “Bobby-C’s Restaurant Survival Guide”. It will appear under the menu item “Restaurants” on my site. I plan to review one chain per week, starting with those which I frequent. Don’t forget to stop by and have a look.