christmas 200 challenge

Week 87 Weigh-in and update on the Christmas 200 challenge

Last Friday marked the end of week 87 for me. My weight was 213.4 pounds, or a 1.4 pound increase from the week before. Since the start I am down 131.6 pounds, or 38.1% of my original body weight. I was disappointed with the loss, but not really surprised. I haven’t been updating my Weight Watchers tracker and I know that while I am mostly good, I am not as diligent as I should be.

Here is my chart for the Christmas 200 challenge:

christmas 1I was battling a cold this weekend, and didn’t get to walk or go to the gym. This morning I felt better and did an extended session on the treadmill. My intent is to either walk at lunch today (weather permitting), or do a second session on the treadmill. Either way I plan to be up around 6 miles at least, more if I go to the gym.

For the week ahead I am all about Weight Watchers tracking, and getting my walking in.

Later today I will update my progress page with new graphs.