Your thoughts and my feelings

Recently a friend relayed to me that she’d had a discussion about this blog. The person she was talking to was  sharing a story that was similar to one that I’d written here. This person wanted my friend to pass on to me her thoughts.

My wife and I were talking about this, and I chuckled. I said that I thought it odd that someone would use an intermediary to relay a message, when they could just comment on WordPress or my Facebook account. It was my wife who pointed out that the person was worried that I would be offended by her comment.

I can totally understand why people would be hesitant to make a comment on my journey. A person’s appearance, their overall health, and their weight are all very personal and sensitive things. Most people talk in generalities about their weight. They may make references to how much they have lost (frequently only by percentage), but most people don’t come right out and tell you their weight. When I published this blog, I did so with my eyes wide open. I knew the moment that I published the post and linked it to my personal Facebook account that it was going to be out there for people to see. And, I decided that the best path to the positive difference I was seeking in my life was through brutal honesty.

On this blog I don’t hide the facts of my journey. On a weekly basis I publish a weekly progress chart chart that shows my starting weight, and my progress on the path. In my first post I openly talked about the fact that I weighed 345 pounds, and that it was the most I have ever weighed in my life. I did this because I needed to be honest with myself, and I wanted the personal accountability that would only come by being public with my facts.

I love reading comments! I have received comments on line, and in person. Trust me when I tell you that no one can make a comment about me that is more harsh than the comments I make when looking in the mirror. If you are reading my blog, and you see something with which you disagree, tell me. I am open to listening to ideas and opinions. I may not change what I am doing, but I will respect you for having made the comment.

I am in the middle of the second week of this journey. I don’t know how long it will last. I may lose the steam for it in a few weeks, or a few months. As I have said before, I make no bold proclamations. What I can tell you is that as of right now, I am in this for the long term.

So, bring on the comments!