6 Inspirational before / after pictures and their secrets to success

After I posted Brian Fleming‘s story of losing 400 pounds, I joined the Facebook group that he and his friend in England formed. It is a good group. Many people post their successes and struggles along the way.

Tonight I was looking through and this article from was posted. (see all of the before / after pictures in the original article)



Included with each person’s before / after pictures were their secrets to success. Some highlights that resonated with me were:

  • Set non-weight goals. Many of us set weight goals, and then struggle to meet them. Briana (pictured above) who lost 174 pounds,   set other athletic goals, and the weight came off along the way. She said “I always wanted to do a 5K obstacle run, but at my heaviest weight I couldn’t even run 100 yards. I have now completed numerous races, including the Zombie Run and Run or Dye. Some day I will work my way up to completing a Tough Mudder or Spartan.”
  • Do it today. Lee, who lost 275 pounds said “I made a decision one day to stop living trapped in yesterday or worried about what tomorrow holds, and to be in the present moment and take action. That was the start of my new life.”
  • Buddy up – Candis who lost 146 pounds talked about how she told her mom and husband what she was doing and allowed them to help her stay on track.
  • Learn the basics – Ryan, who lost 100 pounds reminds us that it is the basics that will have a lasting impact. He said “It’s easy to want to try out the latest and greatest fitness fad, but I have found that learning the basics of proper nutrition and exercise is what is the real key, and ultimately what serves as the foundation for lasting weight loss.”
  • Share your story – Holly, who lost 240 pounds (pictured below), talked about starting her own blog to stay accountable, and track progress. She also said, “Through sharing my story, I also have met a lot of people going through the exact same things, and we share in each others’ ups and downs along the way.”
  • Have fun exercising – Tony, who lost 240 pounds said “It could be hiking, swimming, walking, playing golf, or taking a group fitness class with friends—it doesn’t matter, and I don’t stress on how many calories I burn. Instead I just focus on having fun being active.”


What are your success secrets? What are the things that you do to stay motivated, and keep the success coming?


Inspiration, Motivation and a Fortune Cookie

So there I was. It was Friday night and my wife, son and I decided to go out for Chinese food. We went to one of our favorite local places because they have really great General Tso’s chicken. It was weigh-in day, and I had just reached 63 pounds lost. I was feeling great about myself and considered just having the whole dinner for a change (my readers know from this blog post that I usually cut my Chinese food in half to save Weight Watchers points).

We were waiting for a table, and I glanced at my phone. I was checking the weather to see what it was going to be like the next day to help me plan my weekend activities. I noticed at the top of the screen was a WordPress notification. When I looked at it, it was a notification that someone had linked to my blog. Mama Ames had linked to my blog and told all of her followers that they should come follow mine because she found me to be inspirational and a good friend.

I sat at the table, with tears nearly in my eyes. Here was a person who was mostly a stranger who considers me to be an inspiration, and who took the time to publicly tell about it. I was touched.

When it came time to order, I ordered my other favorite, Kung Pao Chicken, with some Hot and Sour Soup. When the entre and rice came, as I have done since March, I carefully them into two portions. I ate half, and had the other half boxed for tomorrow.

I was flying high by now. Then came time for the fortune cookie, and this was the fortune I found inside:


As I was writing this entry, a friend who had read about my weigh in texted me to tell me I had lost the equivalent weight of her 11 year old daughter, and how proud she was of me.

I think the universe is trying to tell me something here. I feel so incredibly humbled and awed by the fact that people are not only taking notice of my weight loss, but are inspired by it as well. I hear that phrase a few times a week now, and it is great.

I didn’t star this journey to try to impress or inspire anyone but myself. I was in this to make me a better, more healthy person. The fact that others are finding inspiration in my story motivates me to want to do more, and to do it better.

What is your motivation to keep it going?