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Week 83 – Where I’ve been….

Good morning. It’s been a while! I knew I hadn’t updated my blog for  a time, but until I sat down to work on it today I didn’t realize it has been 5 weeks. My last update was on August 21. Since then, much has happened. First, on the weight front, I have lost 4.4 pounds in those 5 weeks. I am now down a total of 132.4 pounds (including 0.8 this week), or 38.4% of my original weight. You can see my full progress graph on my Weight Loss Chart Page.

A lot of other things have been going on in my life in that time as well. My youngest son got married on  Lao=bor Day weekend. Honestly, the busyness of getting ready for the wedding was the original reason I slacked on updates here. Since then my wife and I have been decompressing a bit, including a camping trip last weekend. We’re going on a large, multi-family trip starting this afternoon as well.

After the wedding, I put together this fun progress picture of myself:

4 weddingsI call it the tale of 4 weddings. It starts with my wedding way back in 1983, and then picks up in 2013. For that wedding in 2013 I was close to the heaviest I have ever weighed. That was 5 months before I began this journey. June 2014 was my nephew’s wedding, when I was just about 300 pounds. For my son’s wedding I weighed in at 214.8, or down just over 130 pounds. I am not completely sure what I weighed back in April 1983, but I am fairly certain it was less than what I weigh now.

I am not going to make any promises here about weekly, or even more frequent updates. I hope to be writing more frequently, and I want to do more than just show my progress chart weekly. I also know that promising to make updates on a blog is a good way to have a dormant blog whose last update was a promise.

Someone commented to me that I am missed here in the blog world. I will tell you that I have missed this as well. As I can in the coming days I plan to scan through and read the progress of my friends here as well.

For the week ahead my plan is to do what I do. I will track my food, get to the gym, and walk whenever I can. I hope you all have a great week!

One week in, and my first victory!

Officially I didn’t start tracking my food until Saturday, but since today is my weigh-in day, it is as good as any to give a week 1 update.

I am proud to say that I weighed in with a 6.4 pound loss for the week! I was tempted to celebrate with cake, but thought better of it.

This first week my focus was on journaling my food, and beginning to re-train my brain on how to think about eating. Tomorrow I will be posting my thoughts on portion control, and my previous perceptions of an appropriate portion. Today I am going to tell you 6 things I learned in my first week of Weight Watcher

  • There are a lot of interesting people wandering the halls at work. I know this because I make 387 trips to the bathroom a day. I have been drinking a half gallon of water at work each day. By mid-afternoon I am wearing out the carpeting between my desk and the nearest bathroom.
  • Tilapia isn’t such a bad fish. This past Wednesday was also Ash Wednesday. As a Catholic I refrained from meat that day. Usually when I do this I stick to vegetable soups, or plenty of cheese products. This week I opted for Tilapia at lunch. I found it to be quite tasty and fun to eat.
  • Walking more made my joints hurt less. It is too early to say that the weight loss is the reason why my knees and back hurt a little less today. I attribute the feeling to the fact that I did a bit more walking. I wasn’t focused on activity, but I did take the stairs all week, and walked my building a few times. It felt good!
  • I really can eat just ONE BITE of cake. A really nice lady who works in my building saw me in the hall on Wednesday. She is new to the team, and was excited to share a piece of her birthday cake with me. She even offered to bring it to my office. I couldn’t say no and crush her spirit. Soon, as promised, she arrived with the slice. After she left, I had one normal size bite (not where I say I am having one bite, but actually stuff the whole piece in my mouth…yeah, I have done that). It tasted wonderful. A friend in the office who isn’t trying to lose weight was kind enough to finish the rest of the piece (with a clean fork of course), so everyone was a winner.
  • Drinking extra water while watching TV does work to stop me from snacking. I will be exploring and writing about my trouble times, and trouble zones in a coming post. One of them is after-dinner snacking while watching TV. This week I opted to fill my Nalgene bottle with water after dinner. When I had the urge, I drank. And, it worked! I still snacked some, but it was a lot less than before I was measuring.
  • It’s ok to be a little hungry. I was walking in the hall on the way to lunch today (all vegetable salad, with balsamic vinegar as the dressing), and we were talking about hunger. Lunch was later than usual for me today due to meetings, so I was truly hungry. But one of the things I said was that I have learned that it is ok to be a little hungry. That being completely full all the time isn’t good.

So, that’s it. I did it for one week. I lost 6.4 pounds, and learned at least 6 things about losing weight. There are still many miles and many weeks ahead, but today I am feeling quite encouraged by my results!