A pleasant find while doing some spring cleaning

This weekend my wife and I decided to start the spring cleaning process. Our first stop is our laundry room, which is also the indoor storage room for our house. We were ruthlessly going through totes of items that had been saved for another day. We didn’t complete the whole job, but we made a lot of progress.

As we were opening and sorting totes, I discovered two that were full of clothes of mine. There were sweaters, sweat pants, T Shirts, casual shorts, some socks and other miscellany. When I opened the totes I recognized the contents. They were all things that I had stored away because they no longer fit. I had gotten too big for them.

My immediate reaction was one of excitement. Perhaps I had just hit on a treasure trove of forgotten clothes. That was soon replaced with all out joy as I realized that the majority of the clothes that were once stored away because they were too small, were now… TOO BIG.

On this weight loss journey I have blown past the boxes of clothes that I had saved in hopes of one day being small enough to fit in them. Now I swim in them.

I would say about 10% of the items were either my present size, or were things I don’t mind wearing a bit bulky – like sweatshirts. The rest were bagged and put in the back of my truck for donation today.

Talk about your NSVs!

My gym bought new, larger towels

That was the thought I had in my head this morning. I very rarely shower at the gym. I love a short distance away, and usually just come home. Today I had errands to do after my workout, so I decided to shower there.

A year ago, when I would shower at the gym I would use the pin on the locker key to rig up a double length towel situation. That way I could walk from the shower to my locker without putting on a show.

Today I was standing at my locker, and I wrapped a single towel around. And then, I TIED IT around my waist. Off I went to the shower. It was on that trip that I thought, “hmmm..they have bigger towels now.”

Then as I was showering, it occurred to me. The towels haven’t changed size.. I HAVE CHANGED.

Talk about a mood-boosting NSV!

An NSV, and NSF, an update on my walking challenge, and an executive decision

From the headline, this promises to be an action packed post! So much I want to say on the day before Christmas Eve. So, here goes.


Yesterday I wasn’t feeling myself. I was home alone as my wife was battling the grocery stores. My son, who is staying with us for the Holidays, was working from a coffee shop. I had a few little things to do, but no car to get out and about. So, I did a few things in the house, and then waited patiently for people to get home. And by patiently, I mean very impatiently. By the time they got back I was antsy and restless. I hadn’t eaten dinner, because I was waiting for them, and once they came home there didn’t seem to be a plan. I went to run an errand, and when I got back I walked in on my wife wrapping a present for me (I didn’t see it, she is pretty quick).

Anyway, I was really on edge. Then I made a decision. I put on my gym clothes and headed out for a work out. I didn’t do anything intense, just 2km, but when I was done I felt better. That was my NSV for the day. I conquered my anxiety with a trip to the gym.


Sadly, the story doesn’t end there. I came home at about 8:30, still having not had dinner. I had plenty of WW points to give, so I decided to have a sandwich. It was a nice ham and cheese on whole wheat. I added some lettuce, and a pickle on the side, then finished it off with a juicy orange. It was wonderful. By 9:00pm I was done eating. Something told me I was still hungry. Did I remember what I’ve learned and wait 20 minutes to decide whether to eat more? No! I made another sandwich. In the greater scheme of things, that 10 point sandwich isn’t the end of the world. I ended up still on points for the day because I’d eaten so little earlier. But here I was at 9:00pm eating way too much. I paid! I had indigestion all night, and when I stepped on the scale today (more on that later), I was appalled.

I would call my late night ham sandwich a non-scale fail.

Updated on the Daytona 500km Walking Challenge

With the 2km I did last night, it brought my total for the day to 12km. Here is my chart to date:


I have cracked the 200km mark with 63 days to go. I am on pace to walk 539km. In the 10 days since recovering from my cold, I have averaged 7.9km/day. I am feeling quite good. I am not sure if I am going to the gym today. If I do, it will likely be a 7km trip.

An Executive Decision

After last night’s little eating extravaganza, I stepped on the scale this morning and was up several pounds since my weigh in. Now, I know that I haven’t ..ummm.. gone potty yet, and that I haven’t worked out today. I also know that ham is salty and it’s likely I am retaining some water. Yes, yes, I know all those things. But here is the problem. While I am planning to be good through the holiday parties starting tonight, and going every night until Saturday, I also know there won’t be a good morning to weigh in. I could just say that whatever it is on Christmas morning is my weight. That was my plan when last I wrote about weigh-ins. But, if I am up that morning, then I will be depressed and food obsessed all weekend. It’s freaking Christmas for crying out loud! I don’t want that to be what I am thinking about as I am surrounded by my closest friends and family. NO!

I have made the executive decision that there will be no official weigh-in this week. My next weigh-in will be on January 2. Whatever is my weight that day I will own. Up, down or the same, and I will remember that this season is not about food, it’s about family and friends!

What’s your plan for the next week?

Weigh-in, Challenge Update, Fun NSV

Good morning! Today is Friday, and you know what that means. Today is weigh-in day. This morning I tipped the scale at 242.0 pounds. That is a 2.2 pound loss from last week. My new total lost is 103 pounds. Also, I have now lost 29.9% of my original weight. Looks like another milestone is coming soon.

Today is also day 6 of my Daytona 500KM challenge. The challenge is to walk 500KM between the last race of the 2014 NASCAR season and the Daytona 500 on February 22.  Today is incomplete, but I did go to the gym this morning, so here is the chart so far:


As you can see, I am well on my way. The only issue is that I have 2 blisters on my foot that I am dealing with. I am working through them, and they get painful at the end of a walk, but I won’t let them stop me.

I had one very interesting NSV (Non-Scale Victory), and my wife was a witness. I have been working out at my gym on many mornings. When I go, I arrive there at about 4:15am. It has gotten to the point that the guy who checks IDs just waves me through. Today my wife and I arrived at the same time. She was ahead of me and had her card out. He took her card and went to scan, but first he waved me through saying “You’re good sir”.

This is an NSV for me because in the past the only places I have been known on site, or by name have been restaurants and coffee shops. Being recognized as “a regular” at the gym is completely new territory for me. It felt very nice indeed.

Before my next weigh in we’ll be celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday here in the US. That kicks off the season of gluttony for many, including myself in past years. In the past I have packed on pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years day. But not this year! This weekend I will publish my 5 point plan for the Holidays, and how I plan to LOSE weight between now and January 1.

How are you doing with your journey? How are you coming along on your walking challenge?

“Damn! You are hard core!”

That was my wife’s reaction last night at dinner to a decision I made.

It was Friday night and we both had endured long work weeks. We decided to head out for dinner before shopping for some home improvement materials for our weekend project. We decided to head over to Texas Roadhouse, because we both like the food there very much.

As I wrote yesterday, I am returning to my more diligent ways of tracking and planning in my Weight Watchers application. For dinner last night I had 19 points available. I wanted to have a good time, but also wanted to stay within my points. After some careful planning, here is what I ordered, and how I ordered it with the waiter:

“I will have the single cut pork chop, steamed broccoli, house salad with no croutons or eggs, vinegar and oil dressing, a 16 ounce Labatt beer from the tap, and a glass of ice water.”

That order calculates out like this in Weight Watchers points:

  • Pork Chop – 5
  • Salad with just a bit of shredded cheese – 1
  • Vinegar and Oil dressing (I really only use the vinegar) – 0
  • Steamed broccoli – 1 (someday I have to learn why steaming broccoli adds a point to an otherwise 0 point food)
  • 16 oz of regular beer – 7
  • Total for the meal – 14

With that plan I would still have a few points available for an evening snack while we watched TV. I was all set!

A few minutes later the waiter returned with a 22 ounce beer. “The bartender did you a favor. The 22 ounce beers are actually LESS expensive than the 16, so here you go.”

My wife noted my dismay, and she knew that I’d planned out my meal. Had I wanted a 22 ounce beer, I would have ordered a light beer. The extra 6 ounces would only add a couple of points to my total, but there was a principle involved. So, at the end of my dinner, this is what was on my table


I decided that leaving about 6 ounces of beer in the glass on the table was a better choice than consuming it. I did finish that second glass of ice water before I paid the bill, but that is how I left the beer. My friends will accuse me of alcohol abuse for leaving beer behind, and in previous days I’d have done the same to them. But last night I chose this form of alcohol abuse over weight watchers abuse. When I told my wife that I was leaving behind the beer she got an incredulous look on her face and said “Damn! You are hard core!” At that moment, any lingering thought I had about finishing the beer was gone.

We paid and left the restaurant, and went on about our shopping for the night. In the evening, as we settled in for some TV, I did have one half ounce of Skinny Pop popcorn (yes I weighed it), and was done for the day. I ended up with 2 points to spare in case I under estimated, or incorrectly measured anything earlier in the day. I went to bed feeling great about my choices to cap off a busy week.

For me, this is a big NSV (Non-Scale Victory). In the past I would have resigned myself to the “inevitable”, and drank those last 6 ounces of beer. But this time I stuck to my original choice.

Quick update on the 1,500 minute challenge. Yesterday I didn’t get to the gym, and rain kept me from walking to the diner for lunch, or from taking a long walk after work. The only exercise time I got was the 30 minutes that I took at lunch time doing laps inside my building (with some extra flights of stairs). So, here is my tracker through 3 days:

1500 chalenge207 minutes down, 1,293 to go!