to do lists

January 31 -Setting daily goals

“One must not lose desires. They are mighty stimulants to creativeness, to love and to long life.” – Alexander A. Bogomoletz

Today’s meditation in Weight Watchers Success Every Day. 365 Meditations for Your Weight Loss Journey suggests a bit of retail therapy to set up incentives for myself. It advocates buying clothes a little smaller that I might fit into if I lose weight, using that as my incentive to work harder. While I agree with the idea of setting goals, that particular method doesn’t work for me.

It’s my belief that buying clothes which do not fit only sets me up for failure. I will inevitably try them on too soon and suffer disappointment. As I have said before, I dress for the body I have, not the body I desire. I would rather look great in a shirt that is one size larger than I might wish it were, rather than look bulgy in one that is a size too small for my present state.

I am all about goals. Part of my obsession with to-do lists is that they give me small goals every day which I can accomplish and move myself forward. The progress might be on work projects, home projects, or just something fun, but the progress is there. On days when I accomplish most of the things on my list, I go to bed feeling great.

As I have been getting back into the swing of things I have been using weekly goals for myself, but not daily goals. Today’s meditation and quote are reminding me that setting and achieving daily goals will bolster my resolve. One of my goals for this week is 50 laps around the inside of my building. I actually forgot about that goal yesterday, and only did about 3 laps (which I honestly didn’t even track). Today I will set up a list at my desk and get cracking on that goal. Since I missed out yesterday, and telecommute on Friday, it means I will have to do 17 laps a day to hit the mark. That is achievable, with some effort.

Bobby-C’s thought for the day…Breaking my long term goals down to daily lists of things to do keeps me focused, and sets me up for success.

January 16 – Yet another good reason for keeping my to-do lists

“Every time I think I have touched bottom as far as boredom is concerned, new vistas of ennui open up.” – Margaret Halsey

The thoughts for the day today in Weight Watchers Success Every Day. 365 Meditations for Your Weight Loss Journey are set up to address the fact that it is the middle of January, and center around battling boredom when you find yourself snowed in. As it turns out, today we observe Martin Luther King day, so while many still have to work, I have the day off. Not snowed in, but still home.

The notion that boredom leads to over-eating isn’t limited to snow days, or holidays. I find that I can reach a state of boredom on any day of the week, any time of the day, and with little warning. I like to keep busy, so if there isn’t a ready list of things to do, boredom and its good buddy, random eating, can soon creep in.

For a variety of reasons, our Christmas decorations stayed up an extra week at my house. We started the De-Christmasing yesterday, and got about half done. Today, on my list of things to do is to take down the artificial trees and move them to storage. I also will be cleaning my model trains to prepare them for storage.

My to-do lists are the stuff of legend. I keep a mini-clipboard handy, and will jot down things I want to remember to accomplish. I find it helps both by keeping me organized, and by providing a means to see progress as I check things off the list. When I am on my game, my list is ever-present.

Frequently at this time of year I sit down with a clip board and legal pad and start to brainstorm all of the projects I would like to tackle in the new year. I haven’t done that yet (maybe I can start this afternoon), but I do have some ideas. I want to make a sofa table to go behind my downstairs sofa. It will be about 5” wide, and have outlets in it for both 110AC and plugging in to charge phones and such. That project will wait until the weather breaks, so I can do much of the work in my un-heated garage.

When brainstorming the list, I like to include mini-projects that can be knocked out in only an hour or two. I will confess, this isn’t about weight loss for me so much as just wanting to stay productively busy. I honestly, just love a good to-do list. The fact that it helps with my weight loss goals is a bonus.

This morning I slept in a bit for a week day. I rose at 5:30am and headed to the gym. I did a good, 42 minute work out, then came home and had a light breakfast. I feel good for the day ahead, and I think I have set myself up for a good week.

Bobby-C’s thought for the day…Boredom is one of many reasons I can be tempted to over eat. Keeping a list of things to do helps fight that boredom, and makes me more productive!